the First thread

Heya Midrod! :)

I think that nobody wanted to start a thread here because we weren't sure there was still a team in SD ;) hehe. *stirs the shit up nice & well for week 2*
Thank for the warm welcome sexy.

BTW talk as much shit as you want, by Sun eve you will have shut up.
errr um...
The only reason I shut up by Sunday night was because I had some bad family news come in...

So uhm what was that about shutting up? ;)
MidRod. You're fired.
Just kidding, man. :p
Whadda think Charger Fan? Raiders have a shot on Sunday? I think so basically becuae 'Bones will be In The House --- the House of Thrills that is (HOT)! ;)

That dude #21 scares the shit out of me but we'll see if the Raiders' run defense is real or Memorex.

Raiders 20 Chargers 17
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