Ziegler and McD canned

I'm sure the underwhelming performances of Tyree Wilson and Michael Mayer and a wasted 3rd round pick on Bryon Young sealed the deal with Ziegs too? Maybe Zieg said if Josh goes he does to? Q Who cares, they suck get them out of here. Shitty contracts given out. What an absolute mess they left behind.
The Raiders still owe 4 years salary to that shithead!
Antonio has been named.
I like that Davis is a short leash kinda guy.

Keep the tank rolling.

He's done so much to avoid being compared to his dad, but he couldn't ignore that shit. The thing that I reposted off of Twitter this morning was brutal. Anyone with all of that in their 25 games as HC can't continue to be employed. Worse than that, the product is just terrible to watch. It's worse to watch than DA's team or the Shell II team, and that's saying a lot.