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Aug 30, 2005
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It'll be a tough game but the Chiefs are next for the Raiders.

Not trying to be a homer but if the Raiders play like they have recently (3 of the last four in the "W" column) they can win in Arrowhead.

So how you feeling abouot the Chiefs. I'm watching t he SD/KC game now and SD has drawn first blood. A loss in San Diego will probably put the chiefs in a nsty mood but we'll take as it comes. We'll play the hand we're dealt.

IF the Raiders can win next week they would be 4-4 with a visit from Denver on the horizon in the House of Thrills. The Raiders might be getting the feeling back. We'll see.
Time to scalp some injuns.
Raiders have at least keep playing and win.

That's more than the Vikings can say.
TiceMustGo said:
Raiders have at least keep playing and win.

That's more than the Vikings can say.
they're winning but it's a struggle. Arrowhead usn't going to be a walk in the park.
Arrowhead is a tough place to play, but I have seen teams win over there in recent years.
Wow...Y'all are already getting the chiefs twice, and we haven't even played the faid once yet....Soon, though, soon... ;)

And let's see here -- so you've beat the (crappy) Titans, and the bills...and y'all think you're going to make it through narrowhead? Hmmm... We'll see...
I think the real key, as it is with most games in football, will be our defensive line against the chef offensive line (and vice versa). The Raider pass rush was piss poor in week 2, but they have come alive of late, the chiefs have some injury issues and the Raiders are entering with some real confidence.

Talk about a hugh game. The loser, particularly if it's the Raiders will probably be out of playoff contention. High Stakes indeed.
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