WTF...Wind storm knocks Bones off Internet!


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Aug 30, 2005
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Seattle had a huge windstorm and driving rain.

Power out all day and Internet connec tin ws tits up until about 8 PM. :mad:

Boy are we spolied in the US. :eek:

People were freaking out around here wondering if they would have cable and power in time for the Super Bowl. Looks like all is well!
Glad we don't provide service in your area...

But we had things in South Dakota like an ice storm, and quite a few people didn't seem to figure out why their cable internet wasn't working???

I find it odd...we are the busiest department of my communication company, over the phone and cable services we provide, isn't internet third on that list?

I think a fix in 24 hrs is pretty impressive, nice work to your techs out there.
Awww... Poor Bones. No wonder you're so cranky.
TommyGirl said:
Awww... Poor Bones. No wonder you're so cranky.

And JC, the friggin' telephone is STILL out. The crews did do a good job of getting things straighentged out though. So many Hawk fans were upside down thinking they might not get Super Bowl coverage. Heh!

BTW, TG, if you need help with that avatar, let me know! ;) least you got to watch the SB commercials!! :p
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