Would you draft Bush or Maroney?


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Oct 27, 2005
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If you were the GM, who would you draft? Bush or Maroney. I think I am going to have to go with Bush after the way Maroney played yesterday against Ohio St. I know Ohio St. shut him down pretty good, but you would think Maroney would still found a way to do well. He was horrible yesterday. Maroney is going to run through defense like he saw yesterday in the pros. Maybe he can still do that, but what the Vikings need is a proven guy out there so Bush is that guy.

I posed this question because the Vikings will likely draft a RB.
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I'd have to go with Bush myself. Dude's a homerun hitter who you can line up all over the field. His inside running has improved this season. Overall, he's an exciting prospect. Half Marshall Faulk, half Brian Westbrook. Playmaker.
Well you can't go either wrong with Bush or Laurence.

Considering the Vikings are at a stage where they can't screw this pick up, they gotta go with Reggie Bush. I like Laurence too, but after the way he played against a very tough Ohio St's defense, I have my reservations. Sure defense knows how to align themselves, but Laurnece gotta find a way. Considering the Gophers running backs never pan out in the pros, Vikings can't afford to make a mistake. They gotta go with the proven and that's where Reggie Bush gets the edge over Laurence.
Bush appears to be getting better year by year.

I'm looking forward to the appaent showdown with Texas and Southern Cal.

Boy, Texas came back like gangbusters yesterday. they were down like 26 to 9 or something and ended ujp wining 48 to 26 I think. :eek:
Texas and USC should be a darn good game.

I wouldn't mind watching Penn St play USC either.

It would have been nice to see the Longhorns lose to Oklahoma St.

I gotta admit I was dissapointed with Laurnece yesterday in a big game against Ohio St. Laurence did great in the first half, but he stunk in the second half. He did absoultely nothing. Ohio St. knew what to do against him when he ran. They just found a way to stop him. He didn't come through when the Gophers needed him the most. Bryan Cupito was the reason why the Gophers even were in the game against Ohio St. You can give Ohio St credit for stopping him, but a great RB finds a way to get it done. Laurence is a better RB than that. If you want to be a big-time player, you gotta step up against Ohio St. He did not do that yesterday. Bryan Cupito, who is the Gophers QB, did and he was the reason why the Gophers made it close against the Buckeyes.
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