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Feb 2, 2006
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Would you be interested in a survivor pool that is a little different?

Each week you would select a team as your sure winner. If that team wins, you are still in the pool and continue. If that team loses, you are eliminated.

The part that is different is that each team is assigned a number, a ranking, before the first week of the survivor pool. That ranking is in order of strongest to weakest team (as based by a Power Poll)....

Pittsburgh Steelers 1
Indianapolis Colts 2
New England Patriots 3
Carolina Panthers 4
Jacksonville Jaguars 5
Miami Dolphins 6
Denver Broncos 7
Seattle Seahawks 8
New York Giants 9
Dallas Cowboys 10
Philadelphia Eagles 11
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12
Arizona Cardinals 13
Washington Redskins 14
Kansas City Chiefs 15
San Diego Chargers 16
Minnesota Vikings 17
Cincinnati Bengals 18
St. Louis Rams 19
Chicago Bears 20
Baltimore Ravens 21
Atlanta Falcons 22
Green Bay Packers 23
Houston Texans 24
Tennessee Titans 25
New Orleans Saints 26
Oakland Raiders 27
Cleveland Browns 28
Buffalo Bills 29
Detroit Lions 30
New York Jets 31
San Francisco 49ers 32

The rankings never change.

If you pick the Colts to win and they do, you are still in the pool and you win 2 points.

The pool goes on until there is one left. If there is more than one player left at the end of the regular season, then the one with the higher points wins.

It would start with the second game of the regular season.

You would have to get your picks in by Thursdays at 8:00 AM. If no pick is made, you are eliminated.

No prize, just bragging rights.
I'll try it but it seems complicated for my brain!

Let me know what to do when and I'm in!
I've played this before Sand...only the way it went was you were allowed to pick a team only ONE time...until the playoffs that is, and only if you made it that far ;) But count me in :)
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