World Cup 2006 - France v Portugal

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Cinderalla time is over.

France to face Germany in Final....
Shit. might as well flip a coin.

It's funny, in soccer, when one team scores a goal it's almost like the game is over. :mad:

Friggin' Brizil ---- what a day to bring your "B" game.

Where is St. Rich when you need him? He's get that buncha dummies fired up! :)
You know, this is a tough match to call. Portugal really only advanced beyond England because England was playing wuss soccer. If Germany is playing the next generation of soccer, England was several generations old, maybe even an epoch.

But Portugal still played inspired soccer and they're getting red-carded players back.
Gotta go with the chalk here.

France appears to be playing very well as is Portugal BUT coming of the big upset I think France will be focused.

I better win this one! :eek:

BTW, WTF, Angel too good to bet her vCash on the World Cup? :confused:
Benedict: I beleive they are available, but I cannot find confirmation of it. Most sources don't have a preview of that match up yet. They've got Germany v Italy up.
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