World Cup 2006 - England v Portugal

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Two Portugal starters are out of this game due to red cards.

I like the Englishmen to win this one in a tough battle.
Portugal is battered coming into the match, but England has been thoroughly pedestrian.

Still I put the cash on Jolly Ole England.
RaiderIVlife said:
$25 on England in a yawner of a match.
Don't be so sure. Those Portugal MFers are a resourceful bunch. But I still like England especially in view of the injury situation.
The cards the Russian ref handed out last game really hurt Portugal for this match. England has really just been going through the motions and keep advancing. I expect them to be rudely awakened at some point, just not in this match. So, DAMN! They get to the semi's sleepwalking. Sheesh! I think more teams would have liked to have been in their bracket.
Another loss on penalty kicks. Damn it.

I'm going broke! :eek:
Well, England couldn't advance sleepwalking.
Rupert said:
Well, England couldn't advance sleepwalking.
Do you realize that England has been knocked out of the Would Cup like five times because they couldn't produce in the penalty kick phase? That's over a 20 year period. Somebody's head must roll. And the English are experts at that.
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