Woman Delivers Premature Baby in Toilet


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Jan 22, 2006
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Woman Delivers Premature Baby in Toilet

LITTLETON, Colorado (Feb. 10) - A premature baby survived after being delivered in a toilet, police said.

"I just had a baby," Salina Newman told the operator when she dialed emergency services Tuesday, according to transcripts released to the media on Thursday. "I was only six months pregnant and I went to the restroom and the baby is in the toilet."

Littleton police officer Bob Carmody said when he arrived at the apartment, Newman told him the baby had been miscarried.

"I looked in the toilet bowl and I could see movement, and the baby was enclosed in the sac and everything," Carmody told Denver television stations. He pulled the baby out of the toilet with rubber gloves.

"I could see the hair, the hands up by the face, and parts of the legs and stuff, but I didn't take a lot of time to look at it. I just made sure and covered up the blanket."

Another officer ran down three flights of stairs to paramedics who had just arrived.

The baby girl, named Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards), weighed 1.5 pounds and was taken to Littleton Adventist Hosptial, where she's expected to remain until she reaches 6 pounds, police said.

Hospital spokeswoman Allison Hefner declined to release information when contacted by The Associated Press Thursday, citing federal privacy rules.

LOL it was actually funny. When they broke this story here locally the other night, it was the "feature article" on ABC. I was flipping channels and dancing with the stars was on...

They were showing a close up of Jerry Rice, just after he finished his dance, when they put up a little splash advertisement for the news stating "Miracle 1 1/2 pound baby born in toilet" It seemed like it was a caption for who was on the screen at the time, and made me burst out laughing. (yes, simple minds simple pleasures.) It seemed odd to me that they would time it that way so that it looked like it was a caption for the G(wr)OAT.

Anyway, that was my funny addition to that story.
Woah wait a second, I just realized that this news story is way fucked up from what they actually showed on the news here. They played part of the 911 tape....

The husband actually called 9-1-1, and explained that the wife might have just gone into labor prematurely, but that she was in the bathroom, so he didn't know for sure what was going on. The operator told him to go into the bathroom and check on the situation. That's when he exclaimed into the phone "She had the baby! The baby is in the toilet! The baby is in the toilet!"
The operator then explained that he needed to get the infant out of the toilet immediately. She was very curt about it and I would have bitched her out myself if I was the one having the baby...hehe.

Minutes later, the cops and paramedics showed up. The paramedic realized that there was movement within the blanket and said "the baby is still alive, I just felt movement" They got her to the hospital and the paramedics were named the baby's godparents.
I sure wouldn't want to have my baby born in a toilet :eek:
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