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Feb 2, 2006
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Former Bears WR Gault sets record in master's division

June 24, 2006

INDIANAPOLIS -- Former Chicago Bears wide receiver Willie Gault set a world record of 10.72 seconds in the master's 100 meters, a division for athletes aged 45 to 49.

The previous mark was held by Neville Hodge, who ran 10.96 on April 27, 2001. Gault was faster May 15, finishing in 10.79 seconds but there was no wind reading during that race. On Saturday, he was even quicker at the U.S. track and field championship.

"I feel pretty satisfied with the time I ran," he said. "I ran a 10.49 last year, and I expected the same thing or something similar and I think I can do that in the right situation."

The 45-year-old Gault was a track and football star at the University of Tennessee and played on the Chicago Bears 1984 Super Bowl championship team.
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