Will Vermeil retire?


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Oct 27, 2005
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It looks like he might. If that's the case, that's too bad. He can still coach and he has the energy and fire to coach. He belongs in the sidelines. I think he has done a good job getting the most out of this team so far. I think he is great for the league. If he wants to leave KC, I still hope he reconsiders coaching. I would love to see him coach the Vikings.

BTW, is it true that the Chiefs are interested in grooming Herm? I thought Al Saunders, the offensive coordinator, is going to be Vermeil's successfor. If it's true, bad job on the Chiefs. While Herm is a good coach, I don't think the Chiefs should renege on their agreement. Heck they should have never made an agreement with Al about being the next head coach even if that's what it took to get Al out of St. Louis.
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