Will the Broncos stomp the Raiders?


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Nov 2, 2005
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Everything about this game points to a Bronco blowout. First of all the Raiders have almost nothing to play for the and the Broncos are poised to clinch the division.

Secondly Denver is playing fundmentally sound football while the Raiders are performing abysimally. Particularly on offense where the team has mustered 41 points in the past 4 games - all losses.

Norv Turner is dead man walking and Kerry Collins is the most hated player in recent Raider Nation memory. The offensive line is in shambles, LaMont Jordan is dinged with turf toe and Randy Moss has been half the year.

A part of me thinks that Shannahan is going to go for the KO early and bury us with glee. Everything points to a 41 - 13 game. Over by the end of the 1st QTR.

Another part of me thinks this team, which is still very talented at certains positions will muster enough pride to be competitive.

If nothing else, the Raiders better come out punch these guys in the mouth and go down in a blaze of glory. With a defense that is extremely young, but fiesty, a few big plays by the offense to go along with a solid game by the O-line could make this interesting.

Clearly this team has checked out emotionally to a certain extent (defense being a notable exception), but this game will be extremely entertaining or an extreme BLOWOUT.

I wouldn't be suprised by either.
Well put RIVL.

I think the players are mailing it in at this point. I mean what is there to play for? Priode? 5-11? Ugh. But stranger things have happened. Last year is a good example, however strangely, the Raiders were playng much better at the end of last season than they are now. Ugh.

Actually the off season can't come soon enough.

Even the Bronco fans who were hangin' around here have left the building. :eek:

Sad to say I'm hoping for a 4-12 season. I mean what exactly is a win going to do for this franchise? I really don't want anything to happen that may point to another year of Norv Turner. Ugh.

We suck.
Well, I'd still prefer to see us win at least one more game. I mean, give us (the fans) SOMETHING this year.

Failing that, this team better come out show some fucking passion and punch these guys in the mouth this Saturday. Give them an early "Christmas Present". I would hope pride would kick in at some point.

That being said, the defense has played inspired, though far from great, football IMHO. The young bucs are competing. What else can you ask for. It's the stiffs on offense that really piss me off.
You know, the guys showing the least pride are the offensive linemen. I think all our struggles on offense go right back to their transition to zone blocking. They're still confused.

It's stunning to watch them absolutely man handle the pass rush one play and then have two or three guys go completely turnstile the next play. It's an absolute mind fuck because I don't see a good reason for it in some cases. What makes an OG man block a blitzing backer all the way into the C whose DT is stunting around the backer and neither the OG or C decide the DT is worth a second look? Are they too used to 3 step drops and short passes? I mean, WTF? With a 7-step drop and receivers breaking 15 yards downfield that DT is going to have plenty of time to visit the QB up close and personally. Again, WTF?

Now don't come down on the defense, they've been playing with a secondary comprised of 3 1st year starters and a couple former spot starters. The defense has also been trotting out a nickel defense as their base defense for practically the entire year. I can forgive them for giving up so many yards on the ground, they're out-sized. I've really enjoyed watching the kids get religion in pass defense though. They're very good as it is right now, and will only get better. Give these guys a couple OLB's next season and we might have a top 10 defense.

So what are we going to do to Denver? Absolutely no freaking clue. Roll over and play dead? The offense might. I'll give Collins credit for standing in and trying to get it done behind that OL, and Jordan did a great job behind their improved run blocking. But like I said, this OL has multiple personality disorder, and could go from stud to dud on any given play and back again. If they can just put together enough plays to allow the defense to get some rest we can stay in this thing like we did against Cleveland.

Remember, Charlie Frye ain't not Jake Plummer, and Cleveland is damned happy about it too.
I worry about this game, actually...

Just like I worried about the Dolphins game...The chiefs game...and still worry about the chargers game coming up at the end of the season..

But then again, I just go based on gut...And I know that if y'alls team plays ANY games in a season, it's the 2 vs the orange & blue...Like someone pointed out up there ^^ look at last year against the Broncos at home...Our team has been known to let down their guard against "trap game" teams...
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