Who wins the big one?

Who wins the National title?

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When did I say he had a good game? He had an ok game though, it wasn't the disaster people are making it out to be.
I personally think he should stay in school another year. If I was going to draft him it would need to be later. He has a good arm and accuracy and he's a good runner. He needs a situation where he has to carry a team with his arm though and not be protected the way he is at Michigan to really know who he is though. I would take him over Penix to be honest, I think that guy is going to be a disaster in the NFL. JJ is likely a Dilfer/Brad Johnson level player.
I think the only way to evaluate a QB is by looking at his play from an all 22 perspective on a play by play basis. Pretty sure someone will be posting up every throw he made yesterday in the next few days.

The "he needs to go back to school for another year" or "he sucks" right after he tries to jam the ball into a covered receiver comments are baseless at this point.

I think he may be the best of this years class fundamentally which is why I like him. Doesn't mean he won't bust, most do.