Who should the raiders look to draft at QB?

Who should we get? (Explain how we get in comments if it needs trading up)

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Ok who ? There is nothing at RT and OG may have a “body” in FA but that’s about it. We are basically in standby mode on the OL in hopes we can draft someone or a team decided to cut someone after the draft.
They'll make them gay and lame, I'm sure.
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I've never seen a player so polarizing in terms of where they will get drafted. Do we need to move up or is he going in the 2nd round like most the draftniks seem to think? I think he's going top 10 personally.
Broncos are taking a QB. No way do they start Stidham.
Going to let Denver get a young QB while we stand there with our dicks in our hands. So Raideresque.