Who do you like in Super Bowl XL?

Who will win Super Bowl XL?

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Aug 30, 2005
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We're only a few days away and everything that can be said has been said a hundred times over.

I see the smack talk has started between Stevens and Porter...

So who do you think will win this Sunday and why?

I'll post my pick later. It'll be cool to see what everybody thinks and why! :cool:
Steelers will take it.Hard to root for either side but at least Denver is sitting at home. It was nice to see the Rat get out coached a little in the Pittsburg game too. So I'm all for bringing Whisenhunt in here get that shit done Al! I'm tired of that orange ass owning us every year. Then again we are now owned by San Diego,Kansas City. We suck!God I hope Whisenhunt takes this job but he probably will decline and then get a fat contract from the Steelers to stay there.
Who do I like in the SuperBowl?

That's a simple one. I like neither team.

The Steeler advantage is that they're defense-based. Both offenses play pretty efficiently, but Seattle brings a little more to the table. I think Pissburgh (did I spell that right) can negate that advantage somewhat.

The question in my mind comes down to how well Polamalu can be negated, he's the wildcard. If Seattle can keep his presence to a minimum, they can keep their offense scoring, and should be able to out-score Pittsburgh. I don't know that they can keep him out of the picture, and I think Pittsburgh will have him schooled for the game.

Still the WCO will keep the Steeler D stressed and could screw with their ability to bring pressure.

I'll give Seattle a slight edge: maybe 4 points. Sorry Bones.
I like Pittsburgh in this game because they are strong in everything Seattle likes to do.

A)They can stop the run, league leaders in it actually

B)They are physical at the point of attack, against Seattle's smaller DL

C)Seattle likes to generate pressure with blitzing, and guess who the highest rated QB against the blitz was in 2005? Ben Doublequartercheeseburger.
I pick Seattle because I think their OL will destroy their DL. Seattle reminds me of the Detroit Pistons. No-named guys that just get the job done. Steelers are great, but the Seahawks are better.

Okay so I am rooting from the heart not my head. I think people have disrespected Seattle way too much and I had enough. I had enough with Steelers fans especially here in New Jersey who have been real annoying these last few weeks. Steelers fans can't just shut up.


Seahawks 20 Stillers 17
It's an ugly thought but...

Ill go with Seattle (UGH).

The main thing is that I don't think Pittsburgh will be that effective against Seattle's offensive line. In fact it seems clear now that Seattle probably has the best OL in the NFL. That left side is rivaling Shell/Uphaw and the right side isn't too shaby either. I say Seattle will run the ball against the Steelers which will make Hallselbeck even more dangerous.

Also look for Roethlisberger to get flushed from the pocket and try and throw that cross bodsy/over the middle pass on the run (to his right) to his TE. Seattle will be hanging there baiting him to do that. Holmgren will show that he's the better coach IMO.

Steelers 24 Hawks 27.
Pittsburgh's defense is going to control that Seattle offense!! Get a ring for the Bus so he can retire happy :)
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