Whisenhunt Arrives in Oaktown!!!


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Aug 30, 2005
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Raiders, Whisenhunt getting acquainted

Nancy Gay, Chronicle Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Five weeks after dismissing Norv Turner as head coach, the Raiders finally have Steelers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt in town for a series of interviews with team owner Al Davis and senior personnel man Michael Lombardi.

Whisenhunt, who turns 44 on Feb. 28, arrived in Alameda on Tuesday evening, and discussions with the ninth-year NFL assistant and former NFL tight end are expected to conclude sometime Thursday.

He follows several other candidates to interview for the team's head-coaching vacancy, including former Chiefs assistant and new Redskins offensive coordinator Al Saunders, Chargers receivers coach James Lofton and former Buccaneers defensive line coach Rod Marinelli, the Lions' new head coach.

Former Raiders coach Art Shell visited briefly with Davis on Thursday, but the discussion was primarily a courtesy interview, an NFL source said. Whisenhunt remains the clear front-runner for the Raiders' head-coaching position.

In only two seasons as Pittsburgh's offensive coordinator, Whisenhunt has gained fame for rebuilding the Steelers' running game and for his work with second-year quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Whisenhunt is known as a demanding coach who requires his players to study opponents' blitz schemes and coverages extensively.

Heres is a VIDEO.

Here's to hoping he says "Hell NO!!" :p
Aw, I'm sorry guys :( I know you really wanted Whisenhunt....What about Fassel? Still an option or no?
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