What was the best SB game you ever watched?


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Oct 27, 2005
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If there was the best Super Bowl I watched, it came down to three games.

My favorite was the Giants/Bills game in 1991. That was a very good game. Everyone thought Buffalo would roll over the Giants. Bills players were very bashful in saying so. You heard so much stuff about the Bills. Fortunately, the Giants never listened to that. They knew that they were a good team. They just played football and got it done. Giants and the Bills made it close. It was a tight game. Giants just found a way whenever the Bills scored. It came down to Norwood missing that FG. Giants fans that were at the game went nuts. I was living in New York City as a youngster then and it was so crazy to see fans rioting at Washington Heights in upper Manhattan. Fans were screaming in our building and such. Great stuff. I was so inot that game. I wanted the Bills to lose badly. I hated them with a passion at the time.

Titans/Rams was the second best. The Rams won that game, but they had to earn that win. Steve McNair put on a great show and willed the Titans in that game. If Fred Jones does not make that tackle, that game goes to OT. This was a back and fourth game. Lot of stuff to talk about in that game.

I also like the Patriots/Rams game. That went back and fourth all game too. Everyone thought the Rams would steamroll them, but Belichick and Brady would not have none of that. Patriots just got it done in the end. I was actually rooting for the Pats in that one. Little did I know that I would hate them.

Those three games were my favorites. What was yours?
I think the best one I watched was the Carolina/New England Super Bowl...amazing game, and probably the best played quarter of football in Super Bowl history, that third quarter was awesome.

I mean, I have to say I very partial to Black Sunday also...38-9 Raiders defeating the Skins, but that's not a shocker.
When the Rams won in '99.
There have only been three good Super Bowls...

Sup[er Bowl XI
Suoer Bowl XV
Suer Bowl XVIII

Now THAT is cool! :cool:
CrossBones said:
There have only been three good Super Bowls...

Sup[er Bowl XI
Suoer Bowl XV
Suer Bowl XVIII

Now THAT is cool! :cool:
Ahaha.....only if you're a raider fan ;)
No, I think Bones picked absolutely great games.
I think JC is correct. That Carolina/NE game was awesome and that 3rd quarter was incredible. Really the kickoff at the end .. you were thinking .. what's going to happen now.

The St Louis / Tenn was pretty sweet too. To have it go down to the end like that and have that game saving tackle .. wow!
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