What is Reggie Bush's Impact?

What is Reggie Bush's Impact

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The Long Wind
Nov 2, 2005
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Okay ladies and gentlemen, with the draft almost here, I'm going to post a series of questions for us to bat around a bit. They're going to center on the players and maybe the AFC West teams. They might be a little silly, but they're going to ask for your opinions.

So here is number one:

Reggie Bush is expected to be the first player selected in Saturday's NFL Draft. What will his impact be on the league?

Is he going to have a Hall of Fame career, set new rushing records for single season yards and/or TD's, or career records for yards and/or TD's?

Is he going to have a good career but fall short of the hype and expectations? Maybe have a couple great years, maybe set a record or two, but never live up to his pre-draft press clippings.

Is he going to get injured early and have his career cut short or get relegated to a limitted role?

Or is he going to find out that there's just too much talent in the NFL for him to shine like he did in college?
Okay, I'll put down the first answer:

He's good, but not that good.

Honestly, I think he's a special talent. I think he's one of those rare guys who come along every once in a while.

So why don't I think he'll get to the HOF? I think he'll suffer in Houston like Barry Sanders did in Detroit. Barry never got to the Bowl. Barry cut his career short because he was burned out. Unless Houston gets significantly better on the OL, it won't matter who's in the backfield.

So Reggie puts up some studly numbers, impresses the hell out of us, and winds up teetering just short of HOF induction.
I think he'll be an impact player but I'm not certain he is an every down back. His size kind of worries me. But why should I worry, he's gonna be a Texan.

Putting him into the HOF is way out of bounds...he's gonna need 10 great years to make that happen.
Quick question: What about his size concerns you? At 6' 201 he's got good size. At 4.38 he's got great speed. Marcus was 6-2 210 . So as far as density goes, Bush is comparable to Marcus. Marcus is now in the HOF. Why not Bush?
I like Marcus' size better. He seemed more athletic from a staue standpoint. Reggie looks more "fire hydrant" style to me. But that's just me.

I think Reggie gonna be a very good player but I'm not sure if he's gonna hold up. Don't ask me why, it's just a feeling I get watching him. And, I don't theorize about players being HOF material before they put their hands on the football in the NFL.
Personally, I think Bush's physical size is just about perfect. His center of gravity allows him to move quickly in any direction. His running style concerns me a bit, but in the same way Barry Sanders' style concerned me. I don't like his attitude, but hell most star RB's had similar attitudes: cocky, super-star, shit-don't-stink, god's-gift, etc.

I personally hate projecting stuff like this too. However, he's the "concensus #1 overall pick". Okay! Shouldn't a player with those credentials be HOF bound? Take a look at the HOF. There are 11 #1 overall's in there, of course that's a small list if you consider 70 years of draft history, and 76 1st rounders are HOF-ers.

Whatever. I think Bush is a mix of Marcus and Barry. Something between the two. He runs more like Barry but is built more like Marcus (Barry was 5-8 203). I think he has HOF potential, but I was asking myself whether going to Houston, with their bad situation, would hold him back. I mean, hell they've had 4 years to put it together and still stink. Bad management in my book, and that's bad for any athlete's career.
Given the right system and a little luck I don't see why he couldn't be a HOFer. The combination of Alex Gibb's run scheme and Reggie's natural talent will be lethal in a very short time IMO.

I hate to see incredible talent like his go unrealized so what the hell...

HOF. Book it.
Sheese, Rup...did you know something that you weren't tellin' us?

Now that Reggie isn't the #1 pick...what do you think Al will do now? NO doesn't need Bush. Does Al try and move into that #2 spot and make a big splash. What the hell would that cost us?

Man this is going to be interesting tomorrow.
I think injuries will end up derailing him.....after all, he's playing for NO!! :shock:
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