Welcome to the team, Jack Jones


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Nov 3, 2005
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We have claimed CB Jack Jones via waivers.In a corresponding move, we have waived DE Isaac Rochell. Of course, several Patriot connections are still on our staff/FO n scouts. He has a long list of off-field issues but plenty of talent. He can play the boundary N the slot. Welcome to the Darkside. The Newest Raiders CB Jack Jones has arrived and talks about his first day at practice. He believes he’ll be a part of an “ELITE” Raiders defense and they’ll be making plays on defense a lot more effectively. Antonio Pierce has known Jack Jones since he was 13. He shared his favorite Pierce story and it turns out it's entire reason he plays DB. Antonio Pierce on #Raiders CB Jack Jones: "The kid has been through a lot. I've known since he was very young. Obviously, he's been documented. I've seen the growth of development. Nobody's perfect. I don't expect to be perfect."
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Good one brother. Late but good.
Hadn't been with the team for that long. Twice featured as the guy chosen to be mic'd up.

Chargers game:

Last game of the season

For a guy who was not with the team for even half the season, none of camp, the way he interacts with his teammates, energizes them, he is going to be my favorite Raider. The difference in the second video is that he is seeing more and calling things out. This is going to be an interesting offseason, and I have a strong feeling there is not going to be any draft picks spent on the secondary. Bennett and Harris didn't play and I gotta think in part that is because the former shithead HC fucked up the entire team including the D from the beginning.
Hopefully he straps on #24 next season. Or we saving that for Kool Aid when we draft him in the 1st round? 😂
I don’t want to see anyone in 24
until they earn that shit with multiple seasons of good play.

You want that jersey you bring us an All-Pro year then you can wear it for the following year. If you don’t get it again it’s gone.
I can agree on that. But they should burn #4 🤜🤛
Could care less about 4 to be honest. It’s not a symbol of excellence at a position where players will say the hope to “live up to the standard” of wearing the 4. 4 is just a number of a QB we used to have no better than the #11 Vince Evans wore for the Raiders.