Welbourn Suspended


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Jan 22, 2006
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Welbourn suspended

Former Chiefs tackle John Welbourn was suspended Wednesday by the NFL for six games for a violation of the league’s drug policy.

Welbourn told the Chiefs in the spring that he was finished with football and filed his retirement papers with the NFL. Chiefs president/general manager Carl Peterson said Welbourn recently asked the NFL for reinstatement.

Peterson indicated it was unlikely Welbourn would continue his career with the Chiefs.

“We’ll address that when his suspension has concluded,” Peterson said. “I would not make the assumption that he will return to play here. We have already moved on. We have other people playing tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs.”

Welbourn was suspended by the NFL for the first four games of last season for a violation of the drug policy. He returned to play for the Chiefs and wound up starting nine games last year.

Since then, the Chiefs lost another tackle, Willie Roaf, to retirement. They added Kyle Turley, who will be one starter in Sunday’s season opener against Cincinnati. Kevin Sampson is the probable starter at the other tackle spot. Will Svitek is the top tackle reserve.

Running it up

It’s usually the losing coach who’s upset when the opponent runs up the score. But in a different twist, Herm Edwards expressed disappointment that the Chiefs piled on in last year’s season-ending 37-3 win over the Bengals.

“There are certain things you do in a game when the game is won that in my estimation you don’t do,” said Edwards, who wasn’t even coaching the Chiefs last season. “There are certain times in a football game where you know that the game is over. You know it and the other team knows it. You have to continue to play, but there’s a way you can play where you don’t rub people’s noses in it. I don’t believe in that. I think it’s bad ball. I think it’s bad sportsmanship. It sets a bad precedent and it sets you up. Eventually, what goes around comes around.”

Edwards wasn’t specific, but the Chiefs, leading 30-3 in the fourth quarter, were passing and scored their final touchdown in the final minutes on a Trent Green pass.

In separate conference calls with the Kansas City media Wednesday, neither Bengals coach Marvin Lewis nor quarterback Carson Palmer seemed to think the Chiefs were running up the score.

“Their offense is paid to score just like our defense is paid to stop them,” Lewis said. “That’s kind of the way it goes. We’ve got to stop them no matter who’s out there for us. They’ve got players out there who are trying to improve their lot and play, too.

“I don’t think it’s any factor. Herm wasn’t even the head coach there last year.”

Watts to work out

Former Denver wide receiver Darius Watts is scheduled to arrive in Kansas City today and work out for the Chiefs on Friday. Watts has visited with the Bears and was to arrive in Seattle on Wednesday for a meeting with the Seahawks.

Injury report

Sampson was the only player who didn’t practice. Guard Will Shields practiced and wasn’t listed on the injury report, meaning he will start against Cincinnati.

Pos. Chiefs Injury Status
OT K. Sampson hamstring P
Pos. Bengals Injury Status
WR A. Chatman groin O
CB D. O’Neal knee Q
LB D. Pollack hamstring Q
DT S. Adams knee P
LB A. Brooks neck P
WR T.J. Housh. heel P

O — out; Q — questionable;

P — probable

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