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Angry Pope

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Feb 2, 2006
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If you can't watch Behind The Shield or The Silver And Black Show on television, you can catch episodes online....

Hit it here....
Also, at the bottom of that page our screen savers. My favorite is the one at the end :)
I personally like the one of Ronald Curry. Dude was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off the ground to win that game.
That is a sweet wall paper of LaMont. Hey they seem to be switching around as you go back to the page OR am I having a Senior moment AGAIN? D'oh.
LOL Bones...

I like the one for Lamont and for Curry. I would like the one for Fargas and Porter if it were different players.
Yeah I just confiormed it. They are automatically switching aournd. Bastards. They shouldn't mess with my head like that...ya know...guy like me might think he's losing his mind or something. :mad:
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