Vikings sign Ryan Longwell


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Oct 27, 2005
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This is a great signing. I know the Vikings got a kicker in Paul Edinger, but you are talking about one of the top five kickers out there. To me though, anytime you can get one of the best in Longwell and you take him away from your division rival, you do it. I would have probably felt differently if the Vikings signed Joe Nedney or other kickers, but Ryan Longwell is as good as there is. I rank him after Vinateri, Akers, and Vanderjagt and before Jason Elam when it comes to who are the best kickers in the NFL.

Good job by the Vikings gettting to him before the Packers had a chance to resign him.

Now, the Vikings should sign Hutchinson and Willie McGinest and I will be a happy Vikings fan.
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I would have given you Janikowski. :p

To think the Raiders used a #1 pick on a friggin' kicker. UGH. The guy has never lived up to the hype. Kickers are a dime a dozen. Even Nedney was adequate.

The Viks did well though IMO...but they didn't give up anything for him. That's how you do it with kickers. Yeah I know about Ray Guy but that was one in the entire history of the league. Dumb. Just flat out dumb. I hope the Raiders bring in some competition for that fat jerk and at the first sign of him slipping any further cut his sorry butt. :mad:
You never use a first-round draft pick on a kicker unless you have a very deep team and if you have a high draft pick, that means you are not that good and you got issues.

I think Janikokwski has done good. Obviously, he has lot of issues in his life, but for the most part, he has been okay there.

He would be good, but the Vikings would not have signed him since he is similiar to Edinger. The only reason why they signed Ryan was that he was the best out there in the market.

You can have Edinger. He would be great. I am pretty sure he is not happy and I can't blame him either considering he did a darn good job last year. Vikings did what they felt was best and it's hard to argue with them. You are talking about one of the best kickers out there, CB.
"How about kicking less than 60% from 30-39 yards? He made almost as many from 50+ as he did from 30-39."

A poster posted that at where I do my posting.

This was in response to a poster saying why Edinger lost his job. Now I don't see Edinger kick to make a decision, but if it's really true, it's best that he is gone. I know this guy knows a lot about the Vikings since he eats, breathes, sleeps, and drinks Vikings football and football in general so I will take his word for it. You can't have a kicker be that erratic. Edinger was good, but if you can get an opportunity to get Longwell, you do it.
Well the Raiders have one that is THAT erratic. You have to hold your breath on every kick Jano makes.

The thing I dislike about the guy is that he doesn't seem to take his job seriously. He shrugs his shoulders after a miss and the next thing you see is him on the sidelines laughing and joking. He just doesn't seem to give a damn. :mad:
I do not know Seb that well to say anything.

I always thought he was good. Obviously, he is no Akers/Vinateri/Vanderjagt/Longwell/Elam, but he is no Bill Cundiff or Jose Cortez either.
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