Vikings sign Hutch to HUGE offer...


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Aug 30, 2005
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Well the Vikings are in the FA market big time. They just signed Steve Hutchinson to a seven year $49 Million deal with $16 Million in guaranteed money! :eek:.

Now that will give Seattle something to think about. But even with Hutch being the best guard in the NFL (arguably) that is a hell of a lot of money for a guard --- too much? Sheese...that's left tackle money. How important is a guard? I don't think the guy is worth that kind of money. And it remains to be seen how 'great" he'll be without Walter Jones on his left shoulder!

Here is the complete story.

Any thoughts Vik fans?
I thought I read somewhere that he's getting $13 million the first year alone. Way to go Minnesota... You've just single-handedly pushed up the market value for a decent Guard.
The Vikes have the cap room this year to make an offer that Seattle can't match. Instead of lining up next to Jones, Hutch will be lining up next to Mnt. McKinney (who has come a long way since his rookie year) and Matt Birk. The Left side of Minn's line could be the best since, oh '78.

As for pushing up the value for a guard, Minn has done this kind of deal before, where they use a roster bonus to eat up extra cap space in the year that the player signs the deal. Remember they did it with a CB the same year that the Raiders franchised C-Wood for the 1st time, it raised the top5 average salary by 1 - 2 mil per year. And then it went back down the nest year as their player was making normal money again.
Good points. My thought process was that agents would now use Hutchinson's contract as a reference point in negotiating future deals. Minnesota set a new standard so to speak. Oh well... It's not my money anyways.
Nice post Brick! (REP)

The Seahawks are in a pickle now.

The more I hear of this contract the more I think Seattle let's him walk. The NFL is getting nutty. $49 Mil with $16 Mil up front for a friggin' guard. Apparently his cap number in Seattle will be $13,000,000 in 2006. :eek: Nooooooooooo!
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