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Aug 30, 2005
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Might as well get this out in the open.

This guy has killed the combines. He's turning some heads.

Think Al Davis would be tempeted to go for the big athletic TE at #7? You know how Al hates to be out done by the divisions rivials (KC- Gonzo; SD - Gates).

Really, it's a distict possibility!

4.38 forty time. :eek:

If Williams is gone, than I think the 40 time just clinched it. :mad:
brick said:
If Williams is gone, than I think the 40 time just clinched it. :mad:'re probably right. The guy is a freak from all reports from the combine. He bench pressed some ungodly number, ran fast, apparently can block and catch. Hmmmm...

``...we didn't score enough" -Al Davis
I've always been in favor of taking the best player regardless of position in the draft. If we can fix what needs fixing in FA, then its ok by me. Its very rare when need and the best player available fit together perfectly. In a couple of years, if the player you draft develops into a pro bowl player, what difference does it make when you drafted him?
Vernon Davis is probably going to be the pick, due to the freakish size/speed/strength ratios. Just hope he's Pro Bowl TE, not a Rickey Dudley.
CrossBones said:
When I first head of this idea I was not happy. However after seeing his numbers at the combine I guess I wouldn't be all that upset to add a guy like this. He looks like hte real deal and would help our QB (whoever it is) immensely.

My first choice is Mario Williams but it's looking like that might be a pipe dream.

He won't get past SF IMO. Especially now that Lloyd's been traded. They desperately need a receiver to aid in Alex Smiths development and Davis fits the bill.
I saw some highlights of the guy the other day. I'm liking him al ittle more now. He looks like a FB after contact. People hanging on him, trying to drag him down, him pulling loose and fighting for more yards.

That'd be a nice way to put Walter's development on the fast track. Moss over the top, Davis underneath...

The defense would still suck, Grab a guard and a LB with the other two picks, maybe a safety, and call it a day.
Heh...good points gst8 and Crow...I pretty much agree. Davis would be a great acquisition for the 49ers for the ssme reason he'd be a good pick for the Raiders.

This is gonna be fun. But then that is why the NFL is America's sport.
Anyone think San Fran will take anyone other than Davis?
Nope. I thought there might be a slight chance they would go after Hawk but moving back into the first round guarantees them a shot at one of the other top LB prospects.
Even though San Fran needs a WR much more than they need a TE, none of the top WR's are blue-chip guys.

The best route guys are smurfs. While you can point to Steve Smith and ask what's wrong with him, the likelihood that a small receiver can reach those heights is a very risky proposition. Smith was drafted in the 3rd round, so who'll really take that kind of a flier on a smurf?

I think Chad Jackson is a great talent, but today, he's a soft route runner with deep speed. The WCO nees guys who run precise short and intermediate routes. That ain't Jackson.

So Vern makes a lot of sense and #6.
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