Tony Dungy's son commits suicide


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Oct 27, 2005
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This is a very sad day for the NFL, football fans, the Colts organization, and the Dungy family. No question about it especially with a kid who died at a very young age. I wondered if something went wrong in his life that we have no idea about. My first thought was did he commit suicide. I know Tony's son is always in the sidelines with his dad when they were in Tampa and with the Colts.

I got to watch Herm Edwards's press conference on ESPN's NFL Live and Herm was clearly upset. He struggled to speak about it and he was crying in the process in a choked up manner. I know Herm is very close to the Dungy family from their days with the Bucs.

It's really sad especially with Christmas couple of days away.

My condolences to Tony Dungy and his family. Tony is such a great person and to see him go through this is tough. I had a little tear in my eye when I heard about it and I was completely shocked. You really don't wish this type of stuff happen to anyone.

I was going to root for the Colts to win the SB just because of Tony to begin with, but now more than ever, I am definitely going to root for him to win it all.

RIP James Dungy.
Sad news indeed.

This is just awful. I guess they are going to do an autopsy toimorrow to determine the cause of death but at this point I think they are assuming it is a suicide.

ESPN link.

Prayers to the Dungy family.
I guess you just never know what people are going through on the inside. Our own mind is always our worst enemy.

RIP and God Bless to the Dungy family.

Merry Christmas to all
Big loss. Really sad to see this happen to such a great person like Tony. I'm sure he will blame himself for this, it's impossible not to. I just hope that his son's decision (assuming the suicide is true) doesn't ruin the lives of those who cared for him.
Hearing Tony speak on the funeral, I had tears in my eyes as he was talking about his son's death. It's really tough what he is going through. He is going to be fine, but it's not going to be easy to go through it as Jeff Reardon is going through his own personal hell with the death of his son several years ago. Tony did nothing to deserve this for sure and his son should have never suffered that unfortunate fate. It just stinks for sure.

Tony does not have to apologize to anyone and to himself, DeeDubb. He did the best he could. It's not easy being a parent. A parent can tell a kid to do so many things, but only that kid has to execute the parent's order. It's up to him. Tony can give his late son guidance, but obviously, the son needs to know how to act and all. Tony can't do everything for his son.

I thought Tony made a great speech in that funeral today about how parents should hug their kids and continue fostering great relationships with their kids.
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