Timeline of Terrell Owens' troublesome track record


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Jan 22, 2006
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Timeline of Terrell Owens' troublesome track record

March 18, 2006

A look at the problems Terrell Owens has caused, prompting the star receiver to move from San Francisco to Philadelphia to Dallas:


-- Sept. 24: Owens celebrates a pair of touchdowns in a 41-24 win over the host Dallas Cowboys by running to the star logo at midfield and posing. San Francisco coach Steve Mariucci suspends him for a week. "I was praying to God. That was no act of taunting," Owens says.

-- Oct. 22: Owens accuses his 49ers teammates of quitting following a 34-16 loss to the Carolina Panthers. "I think the whole team just gave up, man," Owens said. He apologizes to his teammates the next day.


-- Oct. 31: Owens lashes out at Mariucci for his play calling, in particular his refusal to run up the score on opponents. "I think it's funny, but ... his buddy system with all the coaches around the league, I think he tries to spare them sometimes," Owens says.


-- Jan. 13: Owens complains about his role in the offense following a 25-15 playoff loss to the Packers. "I want to be the go-to guy on this team," Owens says. "But the play calling doesn't always involve me. I get lost in the offense."

-- May 3: Owens rankles team officials for risking injury when he plays his first game for the Adirondack Wildcats of the U.S. Basketball League.

-- Sept. 22: Owens criticizes Mariucci for having quarterback Jeff Garcia kneel down at the Washington 16 at the end of a 20-10 win over the Redskins rather than trying to score again. "We have no killer instinct, period," Owens says.

-- Oct. 14: Owens celebrates a touchdown catch on Monday Night Football by pulling a marker from his sock and autographing the ball. Owens tosses the ball into the stands to Greg Eastman, his financial consultant and an adviser to Shawn Springs, the player who was covering him on the play.

-- Dec. 15: Owens celebrates a touchdown catch in a 20-14 loss to Green Bay by taking pompoms from a cheerleader and dancing behind the end zone.


-- Jan. 12: Just before halftime of a 31-6 playoff loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Owens screams at the 49ers' sideline and slaps his head in disbelief when Mariucci elects to run out the clock rather than try to cut into a 28-6 halftime deficit.

-- Sept. 21: Owens throws a sideline tantrum directed at offensive coordinator Greg Knapp and is critical of new coach Dennis Erickson following a 13-12 loss to the Cleveland Browns. "It's my job to run routes and catch the ball," Owens says. "It's their job to know the personnel on the field. It's their job to know who the playmakers are and to design the plays."

-- Sept. 28: Owens storms off the field when Kevan Barlow was stuffed for a 1-yard loss on fourth-and-1 during a 35-7 loss to Minnesota. Owens throws his helmet on the sideline and after the game hints that quarterback Jeff Garcia should to be benched.


-- March 2: Owens traded from San Francisco to Baltimore for a second-round pick.

-- March 16: Although the NFL initially approved the 49ers-Ravens trade, Owens contended he should be a free agent and worked out a deal with Philadelphia. Baltimore agreed to a settlement that rescinded the trade and provided them with a fifth-round pick from the Eagles.

-- Aug. 13: An interview with Playboy magazine hits newsstands in which Owens was asked if he thinks Garcia is gay. Owens responds: "Like my boy tells me: If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, by golly, it is a rat."

-- Oct. 31: Now with the Eagles, Owens mocks Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis during an end zone celebration.

-- Nov. 7: Cameras follow Owens as he yells at McNabb on the sideline during a 27-3 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

-- Nov. 15: Owens draws criticism for a Monday Night Football promo in which actress Nicollette Sheridan -- a star of ABC's "Desperate Housewives" dressed only in a towel -- asks Owens to skip the game then drops the towel and jumps into his arms. Owens later apologizes.


-- April: In an interview with ESPN.com, Owens says he "wasn't the guy who got tired in the Super Bowl," a comment believed by many to be about McNabb's struggles during the end of the game.

-- Aug. 10: After a shouting match with Reid during training camp, Owens is sent home for a week. A media circus ensues in front of his house as he works out in his driveway, doing crunches and lifting weights for TV cameras and reporters.

-- Nov. 3: In an interview aired on ESPN, Owens says the team would be better off with the Packers' Brett Favre starting at quarterback instead of the injured Donovan McNabb and blasts the Eagles for not marking his 100th career touchdown catch.

-- Nov. 5: Philadelphia suspends Owens over the latest comments. Two days later, the Eagles extend the suspension to four games and tell Owens not to return. The reigning conference champions have gone 0-3 since.

-- Nov. 23: An arbitrator rules that the Eagles' suspension was justified and that the team is within its rights to deactivate Owens for the remainder of the season.


-- March 14: The Eagles cut Owens one day before he was due a $5 million roster bonus, making him free to sign with any team. The club let him permission to speak with other teams in January, and he'd already met with Denver.

-- March 18: Owens signs a three-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys that includes a $5 million bonus and annual salaries of $5 million in 2006, $8 million in '07 and $7 million in '08. "I'm a star among stars now," Owens said at a news conference.
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