Timberwolves dump Wally, Jones, and Kandi, acquire Davis, Blount, Banks, and Reed


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Oct 27, 2005
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I gotta admit that I was not very happy about this trade when it was announced Thursday night. Ricky Davis is McCants lite. He does not play defense. He is lazy as hell. Yeah he score and such, but what exactly has he ever won. Why hasn't Boston built around Ricky with Paul Pierce? It's one thing to deal Wally for Paul Pierce, but it was another to deal him for Ricky Davis.

I am not crazy about picking up a salary for Mark Blount for the next three years. He is basically Kandi lite. Maybe he does well here. i don't know. I just don't like his contract.

Marcus Banks? Does he even have a game? He hasn't even developed well.

Why the hell we gave up a first round draft pick? Why? What the hell are we going to do with second rounders? It's not like we had success with em. Hell have we developed second rounders ever.

Should there be changes? Definitely. Everyone's time was up. Still you can't just make trade for the sake of making it. I would be okay if Wally was traded for Paul Pierce, but Ricky Davis, who hasn't won anything.

Anyway, I have changed my mind. Ricky has been awesome so far. Blount has done a lot. Banks is an upgrade over Troy and Marko.

As for Wally, I am going to miss him. Sure he could have been frustrating to watch at times like when he got beat defensively or when he does not have his shots go in or when he was stubborn about shooting from downtown rather than go to the paint, but he also brought great things to the table when he was wearing the Timberwolves uniform. When I thought of Wally, I thought of him as a guy who wanted to win and who wanted to win at all costs. I saw a guy that had a passion of playing basketball. I saw a guy who would do anything to win. I saw a guy who would do his best to improve his game. I saw a guy who was a leader. Walter Szczerbiak raised a darn good son in Wally as a basketball player and as a human being. He will be missed for sure. He is going to get a standing ovation Monday night when he returns to the Twin Cities for the first time as a member of an opposition. Boston is making an apperance at the Target Center Monday night so fans will get a chance to show their appreciation to him as they did to Flip few nights ago.
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