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Feb 2, 2006
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Here are my thoughts on the game....

15:00 KO Seabass' kickoff goes to the one yard line...Cooper squares up and hits ball carrier causing a fumble which Riddle recovers (ball on Viking 18 yardline)
14:53 1-10 Brooks back to pass..pocket starts to close..moves up in pocket..runs outside.
14:25 2-2 Handoff to Jordan up the middle.
13:41 3-1 Brooks to pass...pressure up the middle..backpedals and throws the ball away.
13:29 4-1 Seabass with a 27 yard field goal.

Jordan recognized the blitzer coming up the middle and had a nice block on him. On one play, Gabriel came in motion and then lined up next to right a TE. On the play where Brooks throws the ball away, Walker rode his man wide but because Brooks dropped to far back, Walker could only stay with the DE so long.

13:26 KO Seabass kickoff caught at 4-yard line...Santiago with the tackle. (ball on Viking 21 yard line)

13:18 1-10 Run to left, Sam Williams with the tackle...Burgess swiped the feet at the line of scrimmage but missed.
12:43 2-6 Quick pass to the right...Fabian coverage and tackle
12:07 3-3 Swing pass to the right...tackle by Morrison.
11:23 4-2 Punt to 19 yard line...Carr slips one tackle...stiff arms another (ball on Raider 27 yard line)

Morrison sniffed out that swing pass well and came over to the left sideline to make the play.

11:08 1-10 Brooks handoff to Jordan...runs over right guard
10:32 2-7 Brooks to pass...pass incomplete to Moss
10:21 3-7 Penalty..delay of game
10:21 3-12 Back to pass..pressure on both right side and left side.
9:51 4-19 Lechler punt to 34 yard line...Ekijuiba with the tackle (ball on Vikings 44 yard line)

Walker was kind of the same thing, riding his man. However, Gallery blocked his man but then was beat on an inside move.

9:36 1-10 Run to left....Lance Johnstone with the tackle
9:06 2-7 Offsides by Tommy Kelly
8:53 2-2 Run up the middle...Burgess with the tackle
8:12 1-10 Deep pass down right sideline...Fabian breaks it up
8:03 2-10 Offsides Brayton
8:03 2-5 Quick pass to the right..coverage and tackle by Fabian
7:27 1-10 Run to right...Burgess first to tackle
6:50 2-10 Slant pass from the left...Aso with coverage
6:02 3-2 Run to left...Huff made contact but missed tackle...Brayton with tackle
5:20 1-10 Pass down left sideline...pass interference on Aso (ball on 4 yard line)
5-16 1-10 Run over LG by fullback...touchdown...extra point is good

On the deep pass to the right side, Fabian had his eye on the ball all the way..timed it and swatted it away. On the play where Huff first made contact, he was going for the strip. If he had gone for the tackle, it would have been a loss on the play. I could not tell where the pass interference was on looked like a clean play to me.

5:11 KO Carr from the two yard line returns it 60 yards (ball on Viking 38 yard line)

Halfway through his return, Carr actually waited a second to get behind his blockers....nice going and run.

5:01 1-10 Handoff to Jordan over RG
4:32 2-9 Brooks back to pass...Brooks has to throw it away
4:19 3-9 Brooks pass towards middle...pass broken up...pass intended for Randal Williams
4:15 4-9 Seabass with the 55 yard field goal

On second down, Jordan picks up the DE breaking free from the line and has a good block. A second man comes free from the line and although he tries holding both off, he can't....great effort.

4:10 KO Seabass kickoff goes 2 yards into endzone...Carr with the tackle (ball on Viking 19 yard line)

Jano looks confident and smooth and has left me with the notion that he will be money this season. The other interesting thing is that most of his kickoffs are deep...reaching the endzone or the goal line.

4:06 1-10 Run over LG...Sapp with first hit
3:30 2-9 Run wide of LT...Brayton and Morrison with the tackle
2:50 3-8 Slant pass from the right...Fabian with coverage and tackle
2:07 1-10 Run to the right...Burgess with the tackle
1:27 2-9 Run off-center...Sam Williams with the tackle
:51 3-7 Run to the right...Sam Williams with the tackle
:21 4-3 Punt...ball went out of bounds (ball on 15 yard line)

On the punt, Gabriel let the ball bounce and then had some indecision and tried to grab it after the bounce. The ball was recovered by a Viking but he was out of bounds..thus our keeping possession. You can see it on the players' faces when they make a mistake, a bit of fear that they will get reamed.

:05 1-10 Handoff to Jordan up the middle
15:00 2-1 Brooks deep pass to Moss right sideline...incomplete
14:53 3-1 Handoff to Jordan over left side
14:17 1-10 Play action to Jordan...pass right sideline complete to Moss (15 yards)
13:37 1-10 Handoff to Jordan up the middle
12:55 2-6 Bobbled snap...Brooks falls down with the ball
12:15 3-10 Penalty...false start Gallery
11:52 3-15 Timeout by Brooks
11:52 3-15 Brooks to pass...pressure coming from right side of line...Brooks sacked...penalty on McQ is declined
11:35 4-22 Lechler punts into endzone (ball on 20 yard line)

The incomplete pass to Moss, had Brooks thrown it one foot left of the sideline, Moss would have caught it. Moss did catch this one but he was out of bounds. Moss slowed down with his back to the defender and made a nice catch.

On the play action to Jordan, Lamont actually stretched out (got horizontal) to make a nice block. Nice to see his blocking so far this year.

Our offensive line is learning but what will hurt us early on is new wrinkles in defensive schemes. We may not be able to pick those up at the get go.

11:27 1-10 Pass into great coverage downfield...thrown to sideline, incomplete
11:20 2-10 Run up the middle...Sands with the tackle
10:45 3-8 Run towards left...Kelly with the tackle
10:03 4-7 Punt to 20 yard line...short run...penalty on Cooper declined...penalty on Sam Williams (block in the back) accepted (ball on our 23 yard line)

9:47 1-10 Walter at QB...pitch back to Fargas...runs right
9:08 2-10 Walter to pass...pass to middle of field incomplete to Whitted...well covered
9:02 3-10 Walter back to pass...quick pass to Randal Williams over the middle...broken up
8:58 4-10 Lechler punt to 20 yard line....Reshard Lee slows him done...Ekujuiba with the tackle (ball on Vikings 23 yard line)

On the pass the Whitted, Walter felt the pocket closing and steps up to pass. He mixed some quick passes with long a short drops. The long drops seemed to be a bit too long, giving the DEs good angles.

8:45 1-10 Pass to right sideline...Routt with the tackle
8:20 2-1 Run up the middle...Tyrone Poole with the tackle
7:59 1-10 Pass down left sideline...tipped by Poole incomplete
7:49 2-10 Run to the right (over RG)...Clark with the tackle
7:30 3-7 Pass toward the middle... broken up by Clark
7:00 4-7 Punt into endzone...touchback

6:51 1-10 Walter back to pass...complete to Morant
6:19 2-1 Handoff to Fargas up the middle
5:37 1-10 Walter back to pass...incomplete to Santiago
5:27 2-10 Walter back to pass....pass to Morant over the middle...67 yard touchdown

On the first completion to Morant, Walter moved around in the pocket buying some time. He even pump faked once. Morant seeing that Walter had no place to go with his pass, comes back to the ball where Walter spots him and throws a completion. Morant tapped his feet at the sideline to make sure he was inbounds...nice awareness both before and after the catch.

On the long TD pass, Morant out ran the safety and Walter was quick to spot it. Walter throw a quick pass that dropped over Morant's right shoulder. Morant made a similar catch in college in a Bowl game.

5:19 KO Kickoff to goal line...Nnabuife witht the tackle...penalty on Vikings (ball on Vikings 22 yard line)

5:11 1-10 Pass to right side...broken up by Routt
5:06 2-10 Run by QB
4:25 3-1 Run outside to the left...pushed out of bounds by Bing
4:05 1-10 Run to the right...Moore with the tackle
3:30 2-9 Dump pass to the right
2:58 3-4 Pass toward the right...tipped away by Hiram Eugene
2:54 4-4 Punt out of bounds (ball on Raiders 15 yard line)

At 5:06, Carr came in on a delayed blitz.


2:45 1-10 Delayed handoff to Fargas
2:02 2-7 Two minute warning
2:00 2-7 Pass on an out pattern on the left side to Morant....incomplete
1:50 3-7 Quick pass to Morant...out pattern to right
1:30 1-10 Walter to pass...complete to Buchanon...left center
1:22 2-4 Walter to pass....complete to center of field...Toler with catch
1:08 1-10 Walter quick drop...short completion to Boler
:52 2-5 Walter spikes ball
:49 3-5 Walter long drop...pass to Buchanon incomplete
:43 4-5 Delay of game
:43 4-10 Punt to 15 yard line (ball on Vikings 31 yard line)

The incomplete pass to Morant was high. The completion to Boler was not near the sideline therefore he didn't get out of bounds. The incompletion to Buchanon was thrown behind him.

Walter looks more comfortable and I could see him gaining confidence. He is, in my opinion, trying to figure out his drops...mixing short drops with long drops and that effects his timing with our receivers.

:31 1-10 Pass towards the middle....Cooper with the tackle
:25 2-2 Penalty offsides on by QB
:17 1-10 QB spikes the ball
:16 2-10 Pass to left...runs out of bounds
:09 1-10 Pass towards middle...Clark with the tackle
:03 1-10 40 yard FG is good

15:00 KO Kickoff to 2 yard line (ball on own 28)

14:54 1-10 Walter sideline pass to Morant complete
14:20 2-2 Smart up the middle
13:30 3-3 Handoff to Smart...runs left and outside
12:50 1-10 Walter to pass...sacked
12:15 2-16 Walter to pass...left sideline to Morant...complete
11:45 3-5 Timeout
11:44 3-5 Walter to pass complete to Madsen...middle of field
11:05 1-10 Handoff to Smart...tries getting outside
10:25 2-11 Walter deep pass to Buchanon is intercepted...Morant with the tackle

On the sack of Walter, Slaughter was a bit flat -footed. The pass that was intercepted, Buchanon should have fallen on the player to make sure he was down. He did get up and run but they said that Buchanon had made contact and thus the tackle. Morant can tackle.

Walter did stand in the pocket and the pocket was closing...nice poise. He did underthrow the ball though.

10:04 1-10 Pass to left side complete....coverage and tackle by Starks
9:41 1-10 Pass to left side complete...Hiram Eugene with the tackle
9:14 2-4 False start
9:13 2-9 Pass to right side....incomplete
8:49 3-9 Run up the middle...tackle by Nnabuife
8:10 4-6 Punt to 15 yard line...fair catch

8:02 1-10 Shovel pitch back to Smart...runs left (first down)
7:35 1-10 Handoff to Smart...up the middle
6:50 2-6 Walter pass in the middle...broken up...
6:10 3-6 Walter pass to Buchanon coming across the middle...complete
6:01 1-10 Walter quick drop...intercepted down the middle (ball on Raiders 47)

At 9:13, Routt jumped the route and got a hand on the ball to knock it away. That happened a lot during this game as Routt was everywhere and timing everything perfectly. Seems to have great instincts and is always around the ball.

On the interception, Walter just didn't see the linebacker sitting there.

5:52 1-10 False start
5:52 1-15 Run up the middle fumbled....Riddle with tackle..recovered by Clark...replay..overturned
5:38 2-14 Run by QB...long run...Clark comes across the field to make tackle...Bing with forearm to QB's head
4:53 1-10 Run to the right...Quarshie with the tackle
4:19 2-9 Pass to right side...Chris Carr and Robert Thomas with the tackle
3:43 3-5 Pas to left side...Clark with the tackle...Quarshie offsides
3:28 1-10 Run to left side...tackle by Hamilton
2:40 2-7 Pass down right sideline into endzone...incomplete
2:36 3-7 Pass play...offsides Huntley
2:33 3-2 Pass to middle ....Bing with the tackle
1:53 1-Goal Run to the right....Irons with tackle (loss of a yard)
1:10 2-Goal Pass to the right....incomplete
1:07 3-Goal Pass incomplete
:59 4-Goal Field goal is good

On the pass to the endzone, Routt extends (gets horizontal) and bats the ball away.

Buchanon also had some nice awareness coming back for the ball when Walter had noone to throw to.

Buchanon on one play had his hand down on the LOS (TE) and ends up making the catch on that play. There was another receiver sitting on the line with his hand down also at the same time but I couldn't see who it was. If I remember correctly, on that same play, there was a halfback that moved out prepared for a swing pass as another option.

Buchanon and Morant catch everything that is thrown their way. They are like sponges and learning even the smaller details of the game. I am excited about their futures...hard workers with potential.

Quarshie had a sack and always plays with good effort. McMahan played.

Bryant McNeal was hustling quite a bit. He was rushing the passer...stopped....ran across the field and into the backfield to sack the QB....nice effort and hustle.
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