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Feb 2, 2006
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Here are some thoughts from Tui in article.....

Tuiasosopo wants chance "to show what I can do"

By Blaine Newnham

Can it really be five years since Marques Tuiasosopo willed Washington into the Rose Bowl?

For both Tui and the Huskies, it must seem like 500.

Remember the quarterback he dashed in Pasadena, Purdue's Drew Brees?

Last week, in this giddy period of NFL free agency, Brees signed a 10-year contract that could be worth $60 million to quarterback the New Orleans Saints.

Maybe we can't forget Tui's 500-yard performance against Stanford as a junior, when he threw for 300 yards and ran for 200 more. Or the game the next year when he covered 80 yards in three passes to win at Stanford as life was being sucked out of the injured Curtis Williams and, by extension, his teammates.

I can't forget them. They were the best I have ever seen.

"Man," he said this week, "I've still got the fire. I still want to compete; it's what I do."

You can't feel sorry for a young man who is 26 years old, got a $1.5 million signing bonus and has been paid another $2 million for his five years as the backup quarterback for the Oakland Raiders.

"I've got a good job," he said.

But as a practice-field quarterback when he was always better in the game than he was preparing for it, Tui doesn't want a profession as much as he wants a passion.

"They knew how I could affect a game in college, that's why they drafted me," he said. "I just want a chance to show what I can do. One game is not a chance."

Tuiasosopo is in the final year of his deal with the Raiders, one that has bound him to the organization but never guaranteed him anything beyond the original signing bonus.

"If they had wanted to make room for me on their roster, they could have," he said.

Instead, the team has changed coaches, now on its fourth head man during Tui's tenure, recycling Art Shell this time to replace Norv Turner, who followed Bill Callahan, who followed Jon Gruden, the guy who liked and drafted Tuiasosopo in the first place.

Only twice in five years has Tui started a game for the Raiders. In his third season, he replaced injured Rich Gannon and came close to leading the team to an upset against Kansas City. The next week, in his first start, he tore up his knee.

"I've had some tough luck, and recently some bad luck," he said. "All I know is that I want an opportunity to be a starting quarterback in this league. I want it to be with the Raiders, but if that's not to be then I want it to be with someone else."

Behind the scenes for the Raiders lurks the owner, Al Davis, who apparently didn't have the same infatuation with Tui that his coach at the time, Gruden, did.

Davis has always gone for the strong-armed, deep-throwing bomber, from Daryle Lamonica to Jeff George. Instead of giving Tuiasosopo the chance to permanently replace Gannon, the Raiders mortgaged their future with Kerry Collins.

Late last season, with Collins failing and his future in doubt, Turner told Tuiasosopo he would start the final four games of the season. Sacked six times, Tuiasosopo threw two interceptions and fumbled twice as the Raiders lost to the New York Jets.

The next week, apparently at the urging of Davis, Turner went again with Collins, who didn't do any better and finished with a 7-21 record as Oakland's starter.

"All I want is honesty," said Tuiasosopo, in reference to Turner's unfulfilled promise. "I didn't like being disrespected like I was, and I made that known to the right people. When all was said and done, I could have done as well or better [than Collins] if given the opportunity."

All of which is about as disrespectful of authority as Tui has ever been. Clearly, he is frustrated. He knows his time in the NFL is waning.

"I'm a much more polished quarterback than I was in college," he said. "I've spent five years learning all I can. The last time I've played with any consistency was in college."

The Raiders have let Collins and his $9 million contract go, although there is speculation that the team might re-sign him. But no more speculation than that they'll trade up to get Matt Leinart or Vanderbilt's Jeff Cutler, or down from No. 7 to get Vince Young.

The only quarterbacks they have on the roster now are Tui and Andrew Walter of Arizona State. They met with Josh McCown this week, but McCown signed with Detroit.

Tui is still single, and still spends a lot of his time at home in Seattle. He was here this past week.

"I'm enjoying watching the Huskies in the NCAA tournament," he said. "Coach [Lorenzo] Romar has done a fantastic job. Coach [Tyrone] Willingham will too, if he gets the time. The program needs stability."

Is he talking about Washington's or Oakland's?

"I think the organization still values me and wants to give me the opportunity I need," he said. "I'm ready."

He was always willing and able.
I watched Tui his whole career at Washington. I still feel the Raiders have never made a commitment to the kid. They never gave him a shot. One game when Collins was pulled for being horrific isn't much of a confidence builder. Why this has happened to Marques I don't know. The coaches see more than we do every day in practice but still based on what he was able to do in college you'd think he'd have gotton a fair shake. He's been unlucky that's for sure with injuries and then having to produce a miracle last year behind that lousy OL.

Well I don't see him getting his shot in Oakland. They ought to trade him. But then where is he gonna raelly get a shot without some major injury occuring?
you know what if we had better oline he may have not gotten hurt. also, they should have atleast let him play rest of season in 2005.
Take it for what it is worth, from Corkran....

Lost amid all the chatter about the Raiders quarterback situation is the status of five-year veteran Marques Tuiasosopo. One would think he would be the logical successor to Kerry Collins. He is a second-round draftee who learned under Rich Gannon and Collins and knows the Raiders personnel better than anyone besides Gannon. Yet, people just assume that Tuiasosopo's time has come and gone because of the way former coach Norv Turner gave up on Tuiasosopo after only one start last season -- Turner promised Tuiasosopo four starts in place of a struggling Collins but changed his mind. As the Raiders' options dissipate, Tuiasosopo becomes more and more of an option. Why not? He deserves a shot as much as anyone else. If he flops, at least second-year player Andrew Walter and whomever else the Raiders sign or draft would get a year to learn under Tuiasosopo.
But was it turner or Al DAvis who gave up on Marques after just one game. That is what we don't really know. If it was Turner, we might all be wrong adn see Tui in the starting lineup (but I doubt it).

Hard tellin' what's happening in Raiderland these days.
What!?!? You mean it's only now become hard to tell what's going on in Raiderland?
I thought Tui looked pretty good back before he got injured....then they got Collins......I think they should see what Tui can do before they put him out to pasture :)
Tui's draft profile....

Marques Tuiasosopo, Washington
Quarterback, 6-1, 210
Speed: 4.8, Rating: 60

Combine Numbers
Height Weight 40 (Hand) 40 (Electronic) Vertical Jump Long Jump Shuttle
6-1 1/8 223 4.69 4.75 35.75 9'7 4.35

Option senior has been one of the nation's most productive players over the past two seasons. Tuiasosopo is not an imposing athlete but combines good versatile athleticism with fine instincts and intangibles to develop into one a consistent winner. He has average arm strength with a quick delivery that allows him to load and reload fast. He has adequate arm strength on the out, but struggles with accuracy in the deep game where his ball tends to flutter.

He has developed keen instincts for the position and a feel for QB play with the ability to sense pressure and make quick adjustments on the move. He is not your classic or prototypical NFL passer, but has the versatility, intangibles, competitiveness and athleticism to find a way to get the job done.

As a senior, he threw for 2,146 yards, 14 TD passes, 11 interceptions in leading the Huskies to a Rose Bowl. He is a savvy athlete who has proven to be both smart and durable. He leads his receivers well on short and intermediate routes, hitting them in stride to allow them to run after the catch. He has outstanding running skills with the ability to avoid the rush, roll out and throw effectively on the run, forcing a defense to defend the whole field. He is the type of player who cannot be discounted off his intangibles, production and durability. He is best suited for a West Coast attack where his quick delivery can be most effective. Quality third-string passer with Doug Flutie type of field presence and big-play ability. Tough prospect whose skills are only marginal for starting in the NFL. Good late pick.
I seen him was a game @ Arrowhead when Gannon got injured....and he played great....shortly after, he got injured, and I never saw him play again.....Raider fans are saying, well he got his shot last year in the Jets game and lost......well IMO, one game isn't enough to determine how he can do....I mean, Collins won what....7 games in 2 years? Real good record there!! :rolleyes:
Looks like a player to me but wasn't most of that clip preseason? :eek:
Sure it was, but the key is the timing on the passes and the escape-ability in the pocket. One of the clips even showed himalmost fumbling. I'm certain that was used in game-planning for him.

He has a quick release and can throw well on the run. Notice they didn't show a deep throw since he's no good at them. And that might be the key issue as a Raiders QB.
CrossBones said:
Looks like a player to me but wasn't most of that clip preseason? :eek:
Try having Huard on your there's a great a zero rating in a preseason game!! :rolleyes:
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