The UFL Thread (USFL-XFL Merger)

Russ Brandon to be President and CEO; Daryl Johnston will lead football operations

UFL season kicks off on Saturday, March 30, 2024 with the battle of the 2023 champions: Arlington Renegades vs Birmingham Stallions #UFL #XFL #USFL
Not even a slight @Darkenblot but I hope its a huge success and becomes a proper minor league/second chance system for the NFL.

I will say this; if this incarnation fails, we won't see spring football again for two-three decades.

The foundation looks steady. I am glad FOX and Redbird realized two warring leagues was a path to disaster. Like how the Byzantine and Persians fought each other to a bloody draw which left them wide open for Islamic invasion. For some reason, there is massive tribalism in spring football. I don't understand it. Neither league was that different or worth preserving an independent culture.

Hopefully, two years of stability are followed by intelligent and wise expansion.

If the venture goes belly up, well, I saw the Stallions win two titles.

Two more championships than the Raiders, Pirates, and Army football has won in my brief existence.
Hope they incorporate some of the new innovative rules, and the transparency of the review process. Would also like to see more mic'd up access to players and especially the coaches on the sidelines.

Topless cheerleaders in hooker heels is a good idea too. Get those ratings up.

More football is a good thing.