The Masters


Same shit. Different Day.
Aug 30, 2005
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I know this is off the wall but it is Masters week.

Now, wouldn't you say from seeing this picture of Phil Mickelson that he needs to DROP THE CHALUPA?

Tiger all the way, baby!!
I like the fact that Phil looks like the rest of us, either Tiger or Lefty winning is great, just hope it's not the robotic South Africans of Goosen or Els, or Vijay.

Something just bugs me about Vijay, it seems like it's never his fault when he loses if you hear from him, I hate guys like that.
Man Tiger is struggling. The greens are dry as hell, the wind is blowing making them dry out even more. It's like tryng to hit a shot into a green made of concrete that roll like a Kings hockey arena.

Tiger is going to have to grind it out and hope the field comes back to him.

As for Mickelson, he's not my favorite but I'd take him in a heatbeat over that grumpoy bastard Vijay.

Should be a good tournament come Sunday!
As with last year they will complete the 3rd round on Sunday and then play 18 for all the marbles,.

All the big guns are within striking distance. Tiger is right there 3 back...Should be a great Sunday at The Masters!
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