The Knicks are lost


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Oct 27, 2005
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had nothing to do on last night so I decided to treat myself watching the Knicks and the Nets last night. I was curious to see how Steve Francis was going to do and the fact I love watching Jim Durham and Steve Jones do PBP on ESPN. Listening to JD and Jones is sweet music.

Man the Knicks are hideous. They are clearly the worst team in basketball with the Timberwolves not that far behind. I think this team could give the 9-73 Sixers team a good run for their money. Knicks simply did not show up again and I thought the Nets stunk last night. That's very sad in a lot of ways. Steve Jones and Jim Durham just was ripping the Knicks all night long. I got the sense that they were very angry at the Knicks. You would think that they were couple of Knicks fans expressing frustration and such. I never saw announcers rip a team as if they were a fan of the team nationally. It was that bad.

This team has zero chemistry. This team does not play like a team or a sum of its parts. They got too many ballhoggers. They dont' make each other better. They never play defense. They play like they don't want to be there. They got guys who don't even like each other. The worst part of all this is that they have accepted losing. They are like clowning around when they are getting their butts kicked. I am just amazed how fundamentally bad each of them did.

I know Francis is on a crash course and that he is learning how to understand Larry Brown's complex system, but gee whiz. I saw a guy that was despondent and a guy that did not have a desire to impress the fans. My god how do you not play with a emotion in your very first game in front of your new fans is beyond me. Oh and did anyone sense that Francis seemed unhappy about coming to NY. In that press conference he had with the media, he sure seemed like he was pouting as he did when he was drafted by the Grizzlies.

Larry Brown has aged a great 20 years in the last few months. Has there been a coach that has been so disinterested? I personally think he is stealing money from the Knicks. My god. He is even worse than Dwane when it comes to shuffling players back and fourth. How could any players get any rhythm or gain consistency when you are being changed once in four minutes? BTW, props to Steve Jones and Jim Durham for having the gonads to go out and rip Larry Brown. I am really amazed how he has not gotten ripped by the NY media and the national media. The only people that have ripped him are Knicks fans, who know a lot about the game than most people give credit for.

Isiah Thomas better hope that he gets someone valuable in a trade this summer because I am not even sure if any team would accept the pile of crap that the Knicks would offer. Isiah is hoping that the Hawks do a sign-and-trade with the Knicks to get Al Harrington. I say why the Hawks would do a sign-and-trade and get garbage in return. Knowing how Larry wants vetearns, I sense that Channing Frye will likely be traded to Atlanta next year to get a guy who can win now in Harrington.

Does anyone realize that the salary backcourt of Steve Francis and Stephon Marbury make more than the Pistons starting five and the entire Bobcats roster?

This team has clearly not got enough bang for their buck.
Nice article Tice!! Even though I'm not a basketball fan!! :p
LOL @Jackson

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