Team’s Web writers offer caution on Law


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Jan 22, 2006
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Team’s Web writers offer caution on Law
The Kansas City Star

Was that really the Chiefs’ very own Web site raining on the Ty Law parade?
As Chiefs fans roared their approval of Carl Peterson’s free-agent signing, two of the Web site’s columnists — Bob Gretz and Rufus Dawes — seemingly were overwhelmingly unimpressed.

“I don’t think either column was negative,” Chiefs director of public relations Bob Moore said. “I just think they questioned whether one signing or one player is enough to push any team to a Super Bowl. That was the point.”

Gretz wrote: “Law is not the final piece to the defensive puzzle. … A question that must be asked about Law is this: Is he playing these days for the name on the back of his jersey, or for the Arrowhead on the side of his new helmet?”


And our friend Rufus weighed in this way: “But as the news broke that the Chiefs had signed the public’s obsession, Ty Law, I found myself non-moved and oddly complacent about what so many people believe it means … it sure won’t be a grizzled cornerback that shall lead (the Chiefs) and besides, until they’ve gone and won a game (in the playoffs) then this talk of a Super Bowl is more absurdity than reality.”

Perhaps these opinions seem out of place because we’ve grown so accustomed to cheerleading from the Chiefs’ Web site’s columnists. But Moore said it’s perfectly fine with Peterson that the columnists present critical views of the team.

“Carl has better things to do than oversee the Web site and censor it,” Moore said. “He simply wants opinions that can be backed up with facts.

“Now, having said that, the writers on the Web site know who they are getting paid by. You don’t go ripping legislators if you hope to get money from the legislature.”
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