Super Bowl Commercials


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Oct 27, 2005
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What were your favorites for the Super Bowl Commercials?

My favorites:

The guy celebrating with the monkeys for

The Diet Pepsi ads was great.

ESPN Phone Ad which featured every athlete was great in which this guy was talking on ESPN Mobile while every athlete was making plays and such in his way.

My other two favorites would be Chris Berman doing a PBP in which Tim Allen acts like a dog in this movie from Disney that is coming up. Also being a huge Desperate Housewives fan, I liked how other athletes were commenting about the female characters of that show. Interestingly, Tony Parker, who is dating Desperate Housewives's Eva Longoria, did not have a spot for that ad.
There were commercials? I don't remember a single one. No wait! I remember the Diet Pespi add with Diddy. No wait! That was before the game. Sorry.
I can tell you the worst one...Burger King and it's dancers

I am straight up boycotting Burger King, that was ridiculous.
Bud Light seemed the best of the bunch to me. The one where people were putting their fists through walls and coming out with a beer was hilarious!

As for BK...that is the most awful place...don't go there. And for heaven's sake, never eat their food! ;)
I never pay attention to commercials :eek:
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