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Feb 2, 2006
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New special teams coach Daisher...

Accountability running rampant

Art Shell isn't the only addition to the coaching staff who is insisting on accountability and reliability.

Special teams coach Ted Daisher, a former assistant to highly-regarded special teams coach John Harbaugh in Philadelphia, has shown little tolerance for those who don't get with the program.

"He's a no-nonsense coach," said safety Jarrod Cooper, a core special teams player. "If you're going to be late for meetings or not know your assignment, you're not going to be on his special teams, period."

Daisher, who has not been made available to the media, would seem to have plenty to work with.

He has two talented kickers in punter Shane Lechler and place kicker Sebastian Janikowski, although the latter is coming off his worst season as a pro.

Cooper and tight end Randal Williams have a reputation for being both studious and explosive on special teams, and the draft class includes Michael Huff and Thomas Howard, both of whom could see at least limited duty with their physical gift if their roles as potential rookie starters doesn't get in the way. Some players say privately Daisher has already rubbed some players the wrong way. Cooper likes the fact that Daisher is not playing favorites.

"He doesn't care who you are. He doesn't care if you're a Pro Bowl player or the key man," Cooper said. "If you're not going to do your job, you can just get out. I like it. It keeps you attentive."

The Raiders have already been working on Janikowski's mindset. At the Raiders mandatory minicamp, Janikowski found himself kicking for his teammates.

"I told him, `Every kick you miss, the team has to run a lap,'" Shell said. "And I told the team that, so the pressure is on him now. He has to make all the kicks."
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