Some Things....

Randy to start a scholarship fund...

MOSS SCHOLARSHIP: Oakland Raiders wide receiver Randy Moss, a former Marshall player, plans to start a scholarship fund at his alma mater in the name of Marshall’s 1996 Division I-AA national championship football team.

“This is what programs are about,’’ said Marshall coach Mark Snyder. “When guys go out and start giving back to the people and the school that helped them get where they are, I think it shows great maturity.’’

It was not immediately known how much of the $100,000 scholarship Moss was paying for.

“After the weekend we should have some details,’’ Marshall athletic director Bob Marcum said Monday. “It’s a little premature to comment on it.’’

Moss and ex-teammate Chad Pennington are scheduled to serve as honorary coaches at the Green-White scrimmage on Saturday. The 1996 team is holding a reunion this week.
Another one for Timmy...

Digital Mind Corporation Announces the Appointment of Keith Erickson and Tim Brown to Its Board of Directors

CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 18, 2006--Digital Mind Corporation (DMC), the California-based technology company, announced today the appointment of Keith Erickson and Tim Brown to its Board of Directors.

Mr. Erickson is a former 12-year veteran of the National Basketball Association, two time college all American under Coach John Wooden at UCLA and is a prominent Southern California business leader. He is also very active in civic projects and a number of religious and faith based organizations.

Mr. Brown recently retired from the Oakland Raiders after 17 years in the National Football League, where he was one of the top receivers in NFL history. Mr. Brown was also a Heisman Trophy winner at the University of Notre Dame. He most recently entered the world of NASCAR with the creation of Tim Brown Racing. He also is very active with various civic organizations and in the religious community.

"We are very excited to have attracted directors of the caliber of Tim and Keith," stated Jim Collier, DMC's President and CEO. "We look forward to the talents and inspiration they will bring to the Board. Their close ties with the religious community will be especially beneficial in launching our Livingfaithful Project which will provide church and religious organizations free internet websites and fund raising opportunities. Our goal is to provide 1000 websites to religious groups of all denominations over the next 18 months. This is a project that we feel very strongly about and Tim and Keith will be very important in achieving this goal."
This guy is scheduled for a pre-draft visit....

Raymond Savage, of Savage Sports Management, has confirmed to KFFL Jackson State OT Albert Stinson measured in at 6-5 1/4 and weighed 331 pounds, along with an arm length of 32 3/8 and a hand length of 10 1/8 at his team's Pro Day workout Wednesday, March 22. Stinson ran the 40-yard dash in a time of 5.20 and 5.23 seconds, 1.83 and 1.89 seconds in the 10-yard dash, had a short shuttle time of 4.70 and a 8.05 time in the three-cone drill. He also had a 26 1/2-inch vertical jump, a long jump of 8 feet and had 28 bench presses.
Gabe Watson....

Before they were stars: Gabe Watson

By NFL Draft Staff –

Once upon a time they were just kids.

They weren't yet supersized or faster than speeding bullets. They weren't yet identified as future millionaires.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson's coach remembers the offensive tackle as being only 215 pounds when he moved him to the position his sophomore year at Freeport (N.Y.) High School. Michael Huff's coach said Huff was on the JV team as a sophomore and "we moved him up to varsity because we made the playoffs."

Suffice it to say Ferguson is not 215 pounds anymore, and Huff made himself known in those playoffs with a game-tying touchdown catch. Now both are surefire first-round picks in the upcoming NFL Draft.

As part of its NFL Draft coverage, has ventured to find the stories behind the stories. We've talked to more than 20 high school coaches of potential first-round picks to ask where these players came from and what separates them from the rest of the crop. Don't be surprised if you find some common traits.

Today we look back at where it all began for Michigan defensive tackle Gabe Watson.

Gabe Watson

Position: Defensive Tackle
College: Michigan
Vitals: 6-foot-4, 331 pounds
High school: Southfield (Mich.)
Coach: David Reese

When was the first time you remember thinking Gabe eventually could play in the NFL?: The first time I laid eyes on him. I'd been at their rival school the year before, and he'd played tailback as a freshman while weighing 270 pounds.

I hadn't seen him. Everybody was telling me, 'Go see Gabe.' He was like a secret who already was a hero. When he showed up, everything people said about him was true. He's just a mountain of a man.

What's your fondest game memory of him?: All of his games. He was such a dominating force. And he was dominant in all those camps we sent him to.

In 7-on-7 drills, he'd play tight end at 300 pounds and would just run away from people. He was like a dancing bear. He was so agile. He was like a freak.

We went to the Indiana camp, the Minnesota camp, the Michigan camp, the Michigan State camp. He just imploded everybody.

When's the last time you spoke to him?: Up until this year, we talked quite frequently. His junior year at Michigan, he would come by every Monday and visit the school.

That's the type of kid he is. His senior year, he had so much stress with agents calling. I think I last saw him at Braylon Edwards' party before he left for (the Cleveland Browns') training camp.

What's your draft prediction for him?: I hope the first round. I've been hearing Cincinnati. He's a great kid. He's the type of kid you'd like to have marry your daughter.

Wherever he goes, he's going to reap endorsements because that's the type of kid he is. People are going to fall in love with him.
Jimmy Williams...

Before they were stars: Jimmy Williams

By NFL Draft Staff –

Once upon a time they were just kids.

They weren't yet supersized or faster than speeding bullets. They weren't yet identified as future millionaires.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson's coach remembers the offensive tackle as being only 215 pounds when he moved him to the position his sophomore year at Freeport (N.Y.) High School. Michael Huff's coach said Huff was on the JV team as a sophomore and "we moved him up to varsity because we made the playoffs."

Suffice it to say Ferguson is not 215 pounds anymore, and Huff made himself known in those playoffs with a game-tying touchdown catch. Now both are surefire first-round picks in the upcoming NFL Draft.

As part of its NFL Draft coverage, has ventured to find the stories behind the stories in the first round. We've talked to more than 20 high school coaches of potential first-round picks to ask where these players came from and what separates them from the rest of the crop. Don't be surprised if you find some common traits.

Today we look back at where it all began for Virginia Tech cornerback Jimmy Williams.

Jimmy Williams

Position: Cornerback
College: Virginia Tech
Vitals: 6-foot-3, 206 pounds
High school: Bethel in Hampton, VA
Coach: Tracey Parker

When was the first time you remember thinking Jimmy eventually could play in the NFL?: Jimmy was a transfer student who came to us his senior year, so we were familiar with what type of player he was and young man he was before he came to our zone. He was extremely talented and very, very athletic, very competitive. He just had a great frame and was a great athlete. He had a high football IQ. He played quarterback and in the secondary for us. He was ready to pick up audibles at the line of scrimmage and was able to understand from a defensive perspective what people were trying to do to us offensively.

What's your fondest game memory of him?: I would say our game against Chesapeake Western Branch. He had two or three touchdowns and had an interception return for a touchdown. It was a great game.

When's the last time you spoke to him?: I spoke to him this fall when they had a break. He was in town. Football was still going on, but he was looking forward to finishing up his season and preparing himself for the draft.

What's your draft prediction for him?: It varies. There are a lot of things going on now with free agency, and that has a lot to do with it. From things I've heard, he's a top-10 kid or at least top 12. We're looking forward to him being an early draft pick, and I'm sure he's looking forward to playing professionally.
Team nutritionist....

Liz Applegate

Applegate, a nationally renowned expert on nutrition and fitness, is a senior lecturer in the nutrition department and director of sports nutrition for intercollegiate athletics at UCD.

Cummings said Applegate “is one of the most popular lecturers on campus, and was chosen as a marshal for her dedication to promoting health awareness, especially with regard to the staggering statistics surrounding our national obesity epidemic.”

Applegate, a UCD alumna, said she’s “honored and thrilled” to be a grand marshal. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry in 1978 and a doctorate in nutrition science in 1983.

“I’ve been to a gazillion Picnic Days,” Applegate said, calling the event “a hallmark of Davis.”

As a student, she recalls participating in a Picnic Day weight-lifting contest — and winning her weight class. Returning through the years, Applegate said she’s continually finding new events and exhibits.

“There’s something for everybody at Picnic Day,” Applegate said.

Applegate’s enthusiasm and informal style make her undergraduate nutrition classes the nation’s largest with enrollments exceeding 2,000 annually. She has received the Excellence in Teaching Award from the University of California, and the Associated Students of UCD Excellence in Education Award.

Applegate is the author of several books, including “Nutrition Basics for Better Health and Performance,” “Bounce Your Body Beautiful,” “Encyclopedia of Sports and Fitness Nutrition,” “Eat Smart Play Hard” and “101 Miracle Foods That Heal Your Heart.” She has written more than 300 articles for national magazines and is nutrition editor and columnist for Runner’s World magazine.

Applegate is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. She is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, co-chairwoman for the Coalition for a Healthy and Active America, and a member of the Sports and Cardiovascular Nutritionists. She frequently serves as a keynote speaker at industry, athletic and scientific meetings.

Applegate appears as an expert on radio and television shows and in newspapers across the country. She consults for professional U.S. Olympic athletes and is the team nutritionist for the Oakland Raiders.
Here is an interview that Danny Clark did with Xtreme Magazine....

Xtreme: What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up this morning?

Danny: Thank God that I?m awake another day which allows me another opportunity to be great.

Xtreme: Growing up, did you always know that you wanted to play football?

Danny: Since 8 years old. I used to dream then and it felt so far out of reach, but I still believed it was destined for me.

Xtreme: You minored in acting during your years at the University of Illinois . What peaked your interest in acting?

Danny: The ability to take on someone else?s joys and pains, trials and tribulations seemed really cool to me. I found it very exhilarating using emotions from my personal situations to act out someone else's emotional state.

Xtreme: Have you appeared in any plays, movies, etc thus far in your career?

Danny: I appeared in two plays in college. One called the "Piano Lesson" by August Wilson, and "The Wool Gatherers".

Xtreme: When you retire, do you consider acting full time as an option or is it strictly politics?

Danny: There are so many things that I'm going to do when I retire from the NFL. Acting is one thing but not first on the list. Presently, I'm deeply involved in real estate development. I plan to continue to propel my development company. Also, I want to do television, whether it?s broadcasting or acting. Finally, I have a new-found interest in politics. I truly believe that God has blessed me with a gift to touch the masses. I've created some everlasting relationships with some extremely prominent politicians in the state of Illinois and it has given me an extreme confidence to help the people. I'm already very active in community service, so I feel like "Why not take it to the next level?"

Xtreme: You were voted Defensive Captain 2005 with the Oakland Raiders. Do you think that because you have family in Iraq and Afghanistan dealing with major unfortunate conflicts that it has had a calming/humbling effect on you and the way you deal with everyday life?

Danny: Having my brothers in the war has definitely put life into perspective. These two young men have nothing to do with the issue at hand, but yet they?re putting their lives on the line for our country. That alone humbles me in a way never imaginable. They look at me like some kind of hero, when in fact, they're my biggest heroes. I'm not sure I could of done what they've done.

Xtreme: Your first season with the Raiders you had 129 tackles. Very impressive. Did you feel pressured to perform or does the effort come naturally?

Danny: Have you ever heard of the saying ?Pressure busts pipes?? I didn't feel any pressure at all. I constantly want more. I want to be twice or three times a good as I was in 2004. My team deserves it as well as myself.

Xtreme: For those who don't know, is there any negativity attached to trading? Meaning, when a player is traded from one team to another, does he feel slighted by that coach/team that traded him?

Danny: There is only one negative that I can point out about a player being traded. Basically, it says something about the way the organization feels about the player, or how the player feels about the organization. It usually isn't a good feeling between the two. I can see a player taking that very personally.

Xtreme: You are managed by EAG Sports Management, which is very great and timely company, I might add! What is it about that sports agency that peaked your interest?

Danny: I felt EAG was the best equipped in making Danny Clark a brand name. I feel like I'm one of the most underrated players in the league, but Denise and her staff make me feel like I'm already an All Pro Linebacker. EAG has been very committed to informing the public of who I am, and what I?m about without me wearing a helmet.

Xtreme: What inspired you to create the Danny Clark 55 Foundation?

Danny: Even though NFL players accumulate millions of fans every season, I'm the biggest fan of kids. I really understand that they are our next group of important people. We all were kids once and required guidance. Kids now are no different. They need even more considering some changes in our society. So, this is an opportunity for my family, as well as myself, to give back to America's youth.

Xtreme: How can others interested in volunteering or donating get involved?

Danny: First of all, they can walk right up to me and ask. Or, they can contact me at and post a message. There's also contact info on my website.

Xtreme: Care to make any predictions for you and the Oakland Raiders for next season?

Danny: Well, in the past I've said that we?re going to win all 16 regular season games, but honestly I think that's a bit vague. On game day, I want us to be the most aggressive, most disciplined, and the team that executes the best, and I feel that we will be where we want to go in January and February.

Xtreme: What preparation advice would you give to young athletes aspiring to play a linebacker position professionally?

Danny: First, you have to be half crazy. In order for you to consistently do your job well, you are required to run into men out-weighing you by 100lbs. seriously, play more aggressive than everyone else, play smarter than everyone else, and lastly, fly around until the whistle blows.
Denver-San Francisco trade...

Broncos deal 22nd overall pick to 49ers

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- The San Francisco 49ers now have two first-round picks in this month's NFL draft.

The Niners acquired the 22nd overall selection in the draft from the Denver Broncos on Wednesday for picks in the second round and third round.

The Broncos will receive the 37th and 68th overall picks in the deal.

The Niners own the sixth overall pick in the draft as well as No. 22 in the first round.

The New York Jets are the only other team with two first-round picks in the April 29 draft.

The Broncos now own seven picks in the first four rounds. They have the 15th overall selection after moving up from 29th in a deal with Atlanta.

Denver had acquired the 22nd overall pick from Washington in a trade last April.
Our Raiders and Raiderettes...

Firefighters square off on the gridiron

April 19, 2006

Petaluma and Santa Rosa Firefighters square off Saturday in the second annual Fire Bowl benefit flag football team, and both teams will unabashedly use "ringers."

The Petaluma team will be fortified with players from the Oakland Raiders, while Santa Rosa will use professionals from the San Francisco 49ers.

Names of the professionals were not available at press time, but Jeff Schach, spokesperson for the Petaluma team, promises that both sides will be "beefed" up by their celebrity accomplices.

Even without the Raiders, the Petaluma team will display an abundance of athletic talent. On the local roster are Bob Cochrane, Jimmy Gloeckner, Mike Grummel, Jeff Holden, Dave Kahn, Jay Levar, Matt Martin, Jude Jeff Prokop, Schach, James Schweizer, Duncan Smith, Greg Taylor and Brent Weber.

The game will be played at Cardinal Newman High School, 4300 Old Redwood Highway in Santa Rosa. Kickoff is set for 2 p.m.

Proceeds from the event will be split by the Petaluma and Santa Rosa Firefighters local unions, and be used for community projects.

The game is only the featured attraction for an entire afternoon of fun.

Also included will be a gourmet tri-tip barbecue lunch.

The Raiderettes will an appearance, and there will be a football and cheerleader clinic for kids before the game.

Tickets are priced at $15 for individuals, with a family pass for four available for $39. They are now on sale by contacting Valley Produc-tions at 795-4148.

Tickets will also be available at the gate on the day of the game.
Just a one line mention of minicamp from Czar....

Despite reports to the contrary, the Oakland Raiders are not considering trading up from the seventh spot in the first round for any of the three quarterbacks. Now that they have ex-New Orleans quarterback Aaron Brooks and with second-year quarterback Andrew Walter throwing a better ball than Brooks in the club's first mini-camp, there is no desperate need for a quarterback.

If one falls to them, yes, they may take Vince Young, but otherwise they are focused on players like Texas safety Michael Huff while wondering if San Francisco is really going to select Maryland tight end Vernon Davis.
For you Madden gamers...

2006 EA SPORTS Madden Bowl on ESPN Tomorrow

Press Release

Apr. 19th, 2006 4:58 pm
Madden NFL 06 (Xbox 360)

Tune in to ESPN this Thursday, April 20th at 9:30 pm EST for a special presentation of the 2006 EA SPORTS Madden Bowl, filmed on location at the Colony Club in Detroit during the week of Super Bowl XL. Hosted by Trey Wingo of ESPN, the 12th annual EA Sports Madden Bowl pits the top 8 Madden gamers in the NFL against each other in a sudden death tournament to determine the best in the league. The finale of this two-part special airs Thursday, April 27th at 9:30pm.

NFL players competing for bragging rights and the Madden Bowl trophy:

Willis McGahee (Buffalo Bills)
Marcus Trufant (Seattle Seahawks)
Edgerrin James (Arizona Cardinals)
Chad Johnson (Cincinnati Bengals)
Alex Smith (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
Antonio Gates (San Diego Chargers)
Mark Clayton (Baltimore Ravens)
Santana Moss (Washington Redskins)

Full Madden Bowl air schedule on ESPN and ESPN2 (all times EST):

ESPN THU 4/20/2006 09:30PM Episode 1

ESPN THU 4/27/2006 09:30PM Episode 2

ESPN FRI 4/28/2006 01:00PM Episode 1

ESPN FRI 4/28/2006 01:30PM Episode 2

ESPN THU 5/11/2006 01:00PM Episode 1

ESPN THU 5/18/2006 01:00PM Episode 2

ESPN2 THU 4/27/2006 10:00PM Episode 1

ESPN2 THU 4/27/2006 10:30PM Episode 2

ESPN2 FRI 4/28/2006 12:00AM Episode 1

ESPN2 FRI 4/28/2006 12:30AM Episode 2

ESPN2 SUN 4/30/2006 12:30AM Episode 1

ESPN2 SUN 4/30/2006 01:00AM Episode 2

ESPN and ESPN2 are currently re-airing the first season of Madden Nation. The air schedule on ESPN and ESPN2 (all times EST):

ESPN2 WED 4/26/2006 12:00AM

ESPN2 WED 4/26/2006 12:30AM

ESPN2 SUN 4/30/2006 01:30AM

ESPN2 SUN 4/30/2006 02:00AM

ESPN2 SUN 4/30/2006 02:30AM

ESPN2 WED 5/3/2006 12:00AM

ESPN2 WED 5/3/2006 12:30AM

ESPN THU 5/4/2006 01:00PM

ESPN2 WED 5/10/2006 12:00AM
Here is a list of the televised preseason games...

Raiders - Eagles to Open NFL Preseason

Published: March 29, 2006

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) -- The NFL preseason will open with the Oakland Raiders playing the Philadelphia Eagles in the Hall of Fame game Aug. 6 in Canton, Ohio.

The prime-time game will be the first televised by NBC under the new contract that gives it the rights to Sunday night telecasts. Analyst John Madden, the former coach of the Raiders, will be inducted into the hall that weekend. Former Eagles star Reggie White, who died in 2004, also will be inducted.

Other prime-time national telecasts will be Indianapolis-St. Louis on Aug. 10; New England at Atlanta on Aug. 11; Washington at Cincinnati on Aug. 13; Oakland at Minnesota on Aug. 14 in ESPN's debut as the Monday night outlet for games; Kansas City at the New York Giants on Aug. 17; San Diego at Chicago on Aug. 18; Arizona at New England on Aug. 19; Seattle at Indianapolis on Aug. 20; Dallas vs. New Orleans at Shreveport, La., on Aug. 21; Miami at Carolina on Aug. 24; Pittsburgh at Philadelphia on Aug. 25; Tampa Bay at Jacksonville on Aug. 26; Houston at Denver on Aug. 27; and Green Bay at Cincinnati on Aug. 28.

The Cardinals-Patriots and Texans-Broncos will be shown on NFL Network, which begins live coverage of regular-season games on Thanksgiving.

The first full weekend of preseason play will be Aug. 10-14, when Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh is at Arizona and NFC champion Seattle hosts Dallas.

Geographic rivalries are featured in Week 3 of the preseason (Aug. 24-28), including the Steelers at the Eagles, the Buccaneers at the Jaguars, the Rams at the Chiefs, and the Giants at the Jets.

The Saints, scheduled to play their first game back in New Orleans on Sept. 24 against Atlanta -- the third week of the regular season -- will play their home exhibitions against the Cowboys in Shreveport and against the Colts in Jackson, Miss., on Aug. 26.
Lincoln Kennedy and friends....

Former NFL players coming to York

Seven scheduled to compete in celebrity golf tournament in June at Heritage Hills


The National Football League is coming to town this summer.
No, York isn't the new training camp home for one of the NFL's 32 teams.

But fans of the Dolphins, Steelers and Raiders are in for a treat.

Guests for the second annual M.J. Anderson Loving Care, Inc., Celebrity Golf Tournament will include seven former NFL players. The event takes place on June 29 at Heritage Hills Golf Resort and will help the Anderson organization raise money to build a an assisted-living home for low-income senior citizens.

Marian Anderson, the York native who established the non-profit organization in 2004, said she sought help from her relatives when she was coming up with fund-raising ideas.

"I talked with my nephew and shared my vision with him," Anderson, 48, said. "He told me that golf tournaments are usually pretty suc-
cessful. He also said he'd ask his friends to come."

It also helped that Anderson's nephew was former Pro Bowl offensive lineman Lincoln Kennedy and his "friends" happened to be former NFL players. Kennedy, who spent part of his childhood in York, played 11 years in the NFL (eight of those with the Oakland Raiders). He was one of three NFL celebrities that took part in the inaugural event last year, and Anderson said that he has spent the last year spreading the word to the NFL fraternity.

"This is all possible through Lincoln's networking," Anderson said.

This year, Kennedy has recruited former teammates Zack Crockett (who still plays for the Raiders) and Steve Wisniewski (a possible Hall of Famer who also played at Penn State) to attend the event. Former Miami Dolphins Troy Drayton and Woody Bennett (who participated last year) will also attend. Bennett is a York High graduate.

And for all the Pittsburgh fans in the area, former receiver Louis Lipps and Eastern High graduate Jon Witman round out the celebrity field.

Only Bennett, Drayton and Lipps will play golf during the event.

Former Harrisburg Negro League baseball player Wilbur "Willie" Fordham is also being honored, and will be signing copies of his book at the banquet.

Anderson said that she would eventually like to have 36 celebrities to pair with 36 teams of golfers. But for now, she is pleased with the growth the event has seen in just one year. Last year, there were 40 golfers and 130 attendees. This June, Anderson plans to have 128 golfers and up to 350 attendees at Heritage Hills.

For people interested in attending and rubbing elbows with the former gridiron stars, there are three options. To just attend the banquet and autograph session, tickets are $35. If miniature golf is your thing, $50 will get you a round, the banquet and the autograph session. Finally, if you want to test your game against Bennett, Lipps and Drayton, $100 includes golf, a cart, the banquet and the autograph session.

While Anderson is excited with the growing list of celebrities, most important to her is the senior citizens that get to attend the banquet and meet the players. She has been going around to various senior living centers in the York area and plans to honor 10 people (one from each home) at the event.

"I am trying to promote diversity in all the different senior homes, so I want to get one representative from each place to come out and join us," Anderson said.

The diversity topic hits close to home for Anderson, a former foster child who had to put both her parents in assisted-living homes in York. She said that when her mother was in the Autumn House in the late 1990s, she was the only African-American in the home. It's from that experience that Anderson drew her inspiration to create her non-profit organization with the hopes of building a home where senior citizens of all races and economic backgrounds could afford to be cared for.

"I've always had a passion for seniors and enjoyed helping them," she said. "I just didn't see any diversity when I was helping them, and that needs to change."

If Anderson's golf tournament keeps expanding at this pace, she will eventually have that opportunity, with a residence for 45 to 50 seniors in York. Until then, she will keep being thankful for her nephew's willingness to help and the chance to help people around York.

"Seeing all the smiles on the senior citizens' faces when they come out and meet the celebrities makes it worth it to me," Anderson said.

-- Reach Colin Chmielewski at [email protected] or 505-5406. For more information on the M.J. Anderson Loving Care, Inc., Celebrity Golf Tournament, visit or call 792-4799.
Here are a couple more who have visited...

Already, the Raiders have brought in San Diego State inside linebacker Freddy Keiaho and Jackson State offensive tackle Albert Stinson for individual visits and workouts.
Hmmm, maybe Kirk Morrison had something to say about Keiaho. If nothing else we sign the kid and give him a shot. I wonder where he slots in for potential draft pick?
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