So how about them Brown-cos?


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Aug 31, 2005
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What are y'all thinking now about the emergence of the "former failing" defensive line of the Browns, who are succeeding in the Broncos system?

And how about those rookie DBs (Darrent Williams & Dominique Foxworth)??

Much better than expected, imo...
They too wil be pwned.
BlueDamsel said: your team "pwned" the chiefs??? C'mon... :p
Listen Missy...I'm goin' to the Denver game and it's got upset written all over it.

Remember, we own you guys when it's least expected! :p
Yeh yeh yeh...
Just like the chargers game this weekend...? ;)

Of course, it worries me a bit as the Broncos have a tendency to lose the "easy" games (Miami?!?! hullloooo?), and y'all did beat us at home MN a few years ago in week 4 or 5, and then ended up on your way to the embarrassing sb loss to the Buccs...

So it's possible...But at the same time...Hopefully won't happen! ;)
First off, I want to thank BD for showing me this site. It's a great site and I am looking forward to be part of it.

As for the Broncos, I am not going to lie to you. I had them in last place. I did not think much of them this off-season and I wasn't crazy about Shanahan's performance as a coach these last few years. With that said, their defense has been a lot better than I expected. Sounds like most of the ex-Browns players have been a big part of the success.

They have beaten some very good teams like the Jags, Pats, and Chargers.

My hat is off to them. I would give Shanahan the Coach of the Year at this point.
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Welcome TiceMustGo. Glad you found the place.

We're still fooling around getting the place setup the way we want it and then we'll be telling more people about it. So if it's a little slow for a while don't despair!
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