Shits & Giggles - An Offseason GM game I play in

Yep. Maye 3.
Well, per PFF’s two talking heads, Maye only has himself and last year to blame. Too many easy or standard throws missed due to poor footwork / body mechanics. While PFF still ranks Maye (who had a poor working cast) higher than Daniels (who had a crazy good working cast), they acknowledged the word of mouth at the combine and owners’ meeting that Daniels has surpassed Maye as the better pocket passer today. Due to Maye’s age and their belief that it is correctable, they still had Maye higher. But it could take an offseason or two (like it took Allen) or redshirt year (like Mahomes got) to correct—thus his fall.

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I've decided to retire from team running after the season, so I said fuck it, traded my 2nd and 5th for 32 and took Penix as well.

I have now turned into a QB whore.

The voters actually seem to like the move crazy enough.