Seahawks go to their first Super Bowl


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Oct 27, 2005
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I hope people and the national media are impressed with the Seahawks. I hope they start knowing about them a bit. They showed that they take a backseat to no one. That's a very darn good team. They are a complete team like the Steelers. They played a very good game today. They got plays from the QB, RB, and the defense. Just a fantastic performance. Hopefully, lot of people will take note about the Seahawks. They did not win games this season for nothing. They were pretty darn good this season to win these games.

Matt Hasselbeck was simply phenomenal. He made some great throws. Made big-time plays when he had to. He just toyed with Carolina's defense today.

How about Holmgren using Seneca Wallace as a receiver as Hasselbeck threw him a TD?

Shaun Alexander recovered well from that injury he had last week. He did a great job getting the big yards and down. He is quite a player. You have to figure Seahawks will resign him. It's not just this year that he became good.

Seahawks defense was fantastic. They were very physical all game long unlike the Bears last week. They made Delhomme look like an bad QB today which is hard to do. They made the immortal Steve Smith disappear. I don't even think Smith was a factor. Their defense is very underrated. I am suprised the media does not hype their D much.

Mike Holmgren and his staff did a great job preparing his team for this game and it showed. Maybe now people will realize Seattle is a very good team. Of course, we will probably hear Steelers next week on media day and such.

Congrats to the Seahawks and thier fans for their first SB appearance. Well-deserved!
So you want to know why I hate the Seahwaks?

First when the Seahwks came into the league in 1976 the Raiders were great. They had all the great players still on the team and were dominating the league. They won Super Bowl XI for their first Super Bowl win on January 9, 1977 (I was there in person).

The Seahwaks in those days, as would be expected, were terrible and the Raiders would routinely hammer them at home and on the road. Seahwak fans, understandably, thoughgt this was the rivalry of all times. Raider Fan on the other hand dismissed Seattle like a bump in the road. It was never a rivalry for Raider me on that. It continued like that for about 4-5 years until one fateful day in Oakland (again I was there in attendance) when inexplicably the Seahawks led by Jim Zorn and Steve Largent beat the mighty Raiders for the first time on an Effern Herrara 46 yard field goal.

That must have opened the flood gates for Seattle. They began being a major pain in the ass for thge Raiders. The Kingdome was rightly named "The House of Horrors" by the late great Raiders announcer Bill King. The Raiders had trouble winning in Seattle. They were beaten bad on several occasions (all of which I witnessed first hand in person) and were even knocked out of the playoffs once by the Hawks up in Seattle. UGH. The shame of it all.

Of course the Raiders had the ultimate revenge when they crushed Seattle 31-14 in Los Angeles in the AFC Championship game years later.

Further here is the kicker...Seattle fans area a major pain in the ass. They are not (for the most part) knowledgeable football fans. They only have a small following of die hard fans. The rest are front runners and bandwagon jumpers to the hilt. Same in baseball. The local PTA and Soccer Mon contingents come out in droves "our Seahawks" and "the Mariners" but sadly most can't spell football or baseball. I hate that with a passion. I moved to Seattle in 1970 and have transferred back and forth to San Francisco several times during the last 35 years. But I have lived here full time since about 1983 or so and it's always been the same.

So while Seattle was the pathetic sports town it has always been (save the Sonics whom I adopted on my first trip to Seattle in 1969) this run to the Super Bowl will make my life a living hell these next two weeks. I wish I could go on vacation to Mars!

So, bottom line, I hate the team and I hate their fans. Luckily for Seattle they got moved to the NFC or they wouldn't be going nowhere on February 5th this year! ;)
Crossbones: I don't live in Seattle and I don't want to pretend I know much of the area. I do have friends in Washington and I have lot of respect for their knowledge and passion of the game. I gained fondness for Seattle in 1995 when Mariners fans were loud and proud during that magic playoff run against the Yankees and Indians. Mariners fans came off big. I just love their enthauism. So Seattle comes off maybe as fair-weather, but which sports town isn't. Minneapolis-St. Paul is no different than Seattle. I can tell you New York and New Jersey is no different either from my years of living there. They are bunch of bandwagoners. I think the only cities that can really establish themselves as major league sports towns are Boston, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh.

No question Seattle may not have had an easy road if they were in the AFC, but still they are a very good team.

I will be rooting for the Seahawks.
Man reading the Seattle Times and Seattle P-I front page, it's all Seahawks with the big heading of Super Bowl. Gotta love it, eh CrossBones.
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