Scoffing Law is maddening


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Jan 22, 2006
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Scoffing Law is maddening

You ever get in a dispute with your child when you have to remind him/her that you haven’t always been grown, that you used to be dumb, young and prone to lying?

My mother always says, “Ain’t nothing new but the doers.”

I’m about to have one of those moments with Carl Peterson and the Chiefs as it relates to free-agent cornerback Ty Law.

I truly don’t claim to know everything about sports. U.S. soccer just canned Bruce Arena. I don’t know whether it was the right move or not. Doctors recently removed 80 percent of Barbaro’s right-hind-hoof wall. I won’t second-guess their decision. According to the New York tabloids, Michael Strahan’s soon-to-be ex-wife claims the defensive end tried to secretly videotape her sister. Without a look at the “evidence,” I can’t comment about what motivated Strahan.

I try to stick to what I know in this column space, stuff I’ve been told firsthand, stuff I know from experience.

Ty Law can significantly improve the Kansas City Chiefs. He can make them a playoff team, maybe even a Super Bowl contender. Ty Law, for my money, is the best cornerback in football. This is a fact. And it’s not a fact based on a lifelong friendship, like the fact (my belief) that Jeff George can still help some NFL team.

My factual opinion about Ty Law is completely unbiased.

I’m growing irate that the Chiefs are insisting on playing a Mickey Mouse game with the best cornerback in football when Stevie Wonder, Helen Keller and Abe Lincoln can see that the Chiefs’ defense is in desperate need of a top-flight corner to pair with Patrick Surtain.

The Chiefs have the cap space, the need and the right coach (Herm Edwards), so I don’t see why Carl Peterson keeps stating that Ty Law’s acquisition is an “economic” decision.

It should be a football decision. Period.

With Eric Warfield drying out the first four weeks and average corner play the rest of the season, the Chiefs finished 10-6 a year ago. Meanwhile — stuck playing on an injury-riddled New York Jets squad — Law put together a league-leading, 10-interception Pro Bowl season on a less-than-100-percent-healthy foot.

Would the Chiefs have qualified for the playoffs had Peterson signed Law last season? Seriously, do you think Law, his 10 interceptions, sure tackling, toughness and experience would’ve been worth one victory?

You see why I’m getting upset?

Peterson is pretending like the Chiefs can afford to play this year without Ty Law. They can’t. Oh, you can take solace in the fact that no other NFL team has met Law’s contract demands if you choose to, but I know Peterson/Chiefs have more to lose in this game of chicken than Law.

Law has three Super Bowl rings and four Super Bowl appearances. He’s proved he’s a solid piece to a team’s Super Bowl equation. Rather than accept money he believes to be far below his market value, Law can wait and sign with a bad team willing to pay a little more.

Obviously that’s not ideal. But neither is signing with a good team, helping it reach its goal and being completely unhappy with your contract a year later.

The Chiefs need Ty Law more than Ty Law needs the Chiefs.

The Chiefs have suspects — not prospects — competing to play opposite Surtain right now. The longer this things drags out, the more I suspect Law will return to New England or sign with some desperate squad such as Arizona.

Law told me at the Pro Bowl that he’s looking for $10 million in guaranteed bonuses. I’d get creative and give it to him. Yes, he’s 32 and missed nine games and the playoffs in 2004. Before the 2004 season, he was quite reliable. He held up for 16 games last year, and should only be better this year.

Not signing Ty Law would be a terrible mistake.

Boy do I feel totally scolded now :eek:
can the chiefs affford that signing bonus? if so i say go for it. law is still pretty decent cb
Plunkett16 said:
can the chiefs affford that signing bonus? if so i say go for it. law is still pretty decent cb
No they can't, which is why they haven't signed him yet, and why I'll be surprised if they do.
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