Sanders says he's retiring from NFL


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Jan 22, 2006
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Sanders says he's retiring from NFL
Will likely resume his career as a television studio analyst
By Brent Jones
Sun Staff

Although Deion Sanders announced earlier this week on Sporting News Radio that he is retiring from the NFL after two seasons with the Ravens, team officials have yet to hear from the likely future Hall of Fame cornerback.

Sanders told host James Brown on Monday that he was not coming back for what would have been his 15th year. He has not, however, had any contact with the Ravens since leaving the complex without speaking to the media Jan. 2, although it was generally assumed Sanders would not be back.

It is likely Sanders will resume his career as a television studio analyst, where he made his mark with CBS after his initial retirement after the 2000 season.

Fox is in negotiations with Sanders, and he appears to be the front-runner for the open spot vacated by Brown on the network's pre-game show.

Sanders recorded 49 tackles and five interceptions in 25 games over two seasons with the Ravens.,0,5661622.story?coll=bal-sports-football
I am actually a big fan of Sanders, I think he'd make a good coach too...we got a DB coach opening, right?
jc....can you really see Sanders being a coach? He wouldn't get to be in the spotlight enough....and he didn't earn the nickname "prime time" and "neon" by being out of the spotlight!! :p
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