Ryan Sims: Unfinished Business


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Jan 22, 2006
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Chiefs' Sims has some unfinished business

By Tully Corcoran
The Capital-Journal
RIVER FALLS, Wis. -- Ryan Sims isn't done yet. He doesn't feel done. "I want to make things right in my mind," he said after Chiefs practice Monday. "I really feel unfinished."

The finishing touches were supposed to be manifesting themselves in 2003. That was Sims' second season, the one after the Chiefs took him No. 6 in the 2002 draft. He was healthy again after missing all but six games with an injury his rookie season, and 2003 was going to be the year Ryan Sims broke out.

Run stopper. Pass rusher. The next Warren Sapp. And he had a good season. He registered just three sacks, but maybe the 83 tackles were something on which to build.

So, in 2004, he burst from the chutes ... for 30 tackles and two sacks. Last year he was hurt again, missing 10 games.

Sims' career has not gone as expected. Not for the Chiefs, and not for Sims.

"In year five," he said, "I'm not where I wanted to be five years ago."

Sims doesn't completely blame himself. Injuries happen. But he said his problems have been as much cerebral as physical.

He stopped short of saying he's disappointed in himself.

"I'm not pleased," he said. "I've been unlucky with some of the injuries and the bumps and bruises."

Every indication so far is that Sims will once again start at defensive tackle for the Chiefs. Coach Herm Edwards, new to the team and to Sims, has no reason to doubt him.

"Not me," Edwards said when asked about concerns about Sims. "I wasn't concerned. We had a good talk before the spring ended. We were talking about what I expected out of him and how we were going to get it done. He's done a great job of playing and he's competing and is playing up to his talent level consistently."

In 2002, Sims was supposed to be the savior. He doesn't have to be that this season. The search party for a defensive messiah has turned its attention to linebacker Derrick Johnson and cornerback Ty Law.

It's not about that for Sims anymore.

"He's competing and is playing up to his talent level consistently," Edwards said. "That's what you want guys to do: you want them to be consistent. If they're consistent then you know what you've got."

Sims hopes he's finally got it.

"Hopefully this year I can put some things together," he said. "This is my year."

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