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Feb 2, 2006
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Rule changes...

NFL rules changes target TD celebrations


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Terrell Owens, Steve Smith and Chad Johnson are going to have to get even more creative after the NFL curbed their touchdown celebrations Wednesday. A new rule prohibits players from going to the ground or using the football as a prop.

The rule will be enforced by a 15-yard penalty and is subject to a fine.

Gone are Owens’ sit-ups, Smith’s rocking the football to sleep and Johnson’s putting. Spikes, dunks and dances still are legal.

“I don’t think it’s disrespectful or lewd,” said Smith’s coach with the Carolina Panthers, John Fox. “But I think what the league is concerned with is: Where does it stop? Just like anything else, it’s contagious.”

The Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Bucs were the only teams to vote against the measure.

Owners also expanded the horse-collar tackling rule and tightened the restrictions on hitting quarterbacks below the knee, among other rules changes Wednesday.

The horse-collar tackling rule – or so-called "Roy Williams Rule" – was passed last year to ban grabbing a runner inside the shoulder pads and immediately pulling him back. Williams made the tackling technique infamous when he injured Owens and others during the 2004 season.

But only two horse-collars were flagged last season, and only one was a correct call, said Mike Pereira, the NFL’s supervisor of officials. There were, however, four injuries from takedowns inside the back of the collar that weren’t considered horse-collars under the rule.

“We had problems distinguishing whether it was the collar of the jersey or the inside of the shoulder pad,” Pereira said. “But the result was the same.”

Now, any tackle of a runner from inside the back of his collar is a foul.

Knee injuries to Ben Roethlisberger, Brian Griese and Carson Palmer resulted in the league modifying its rule on low tackles of quarterbacks. While those three hits still will be legal under the new wording, the NFL hopes to limit injuries to quarterbacks’ knees by making defensive players aware of the rule.

“We’re saying, ‘If you have a chance to avoid, avoid,’” Pereira said.

Defenders are allowed to hit quarterbacks below the knee only when they are blocked (or fouled) into the passer with “no opportunity to avoid him.” Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Warren Sapp’s low hit on Drew Bledsoe during a game last season is a video clip Pereira used to show what now is illegal.

Owners also approved a change to instant replay that will allow for down-by-contact plays to be reviewed, while limiting the referee’s review to 60 seconds. Pereira said 12 down-by-contact plays could have been overturned last season.

Two measures were rejected Wednesday: The competition committee had recommended ignoring flinches by receivers if they had no effect on the play and had proposed allowing a designated defensive player on each team to wear a small speaker in his helmet to communicate with the bench as quarterbacks now do.

NFL Enacts 15 Rule Changes For 2006 Season

by Jeff Fedotin
posted 03/29/2006

On Wednesday afternoon NFL owners approved 15 rule proposals from the competition committee with most designed to improve player conduct and safety.

The first conduct rule could be called the "Chad Johnson" rule. In 2006 officials will penalize a team 15 yards if one of their players excessively celebrates touchdowns. Last year the Cincinnati Bengals receiver proposed marriage to a cheerleader and used a pylon as a putter among other stunts. The owners passed that measure by a 29-3 margin.

Packers fans, however, can rest easily. The Lambeau Leap was deemed acceptable along with spikes, dunks, spins and other simple celebrations.

Instant replay reviews will change in two ways. In an effort to speed up the game, reviews will be reduced from 90 seconds to 60 this year. Replay challenges also can include down-by-contact plays in which a player fumbled. That rule passed by a 27-5 vote.

As far as the safety measures, a pass rushing defender cannot intentionally hit a quarterback below the knees. They must make every effort to avoid that type of tackle. This proposal gained attention after Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Brian Griese tore knee ligaments on low hits. The vote passed by a 25-7 margin.

In addition defenders no longer will be able to line up directly over a long snapper during field goals, extra points and punts. They have to line up outside the center's shoulder pads. A guilty party will receive a 5-yard illegal formation penalty, but officials likely will warn the offender prior to the snap.

To further protect players' safety, owners agreed to expand the "Roy Williams Rule." Horse-collar penalties will not only include pulling a player down by the back of the shoulder pads but also grabbing the back of the jersey. That rule passed by a 25-7 vote.

Two recommendations from the competition committee did not pass. More than 10 owners voted against allowing a defensive player to wear a radio in their helmet like quarterbacks. Owners ruled against letting wide receivers re-set before a snap to curtail the increasing number of false start penalties.

Two ideas lacking the competition committee's endorsement did not pass. Owners nearly unanimously defeated the Buccaneers' proposal to include all penalties for instant replay review. They also tabled Kansas City Chiefs' proposal to expand the number of playoff teams from 12 to 14 until their next meeting in May.
The "No Fun League". :mad:

I think it's ridicilous that they have to legistrate the celebrations to this extent. I for one get a kick out of it. I really don't see what it hurts unless the players are taking it to the extreme of belittling the other team or players. Come on, let the guys have some fun. Most of them work hard at this and get to celebrate maybe 10 times in a season. Dumb.
Nah! Let them belittle the other team too. Who cares. I say they should do it like the replay rule. Give them 15 seconds to perform their number. Or start the play clock on the PAT after the ref signals touchdown. If the PAT doesn't happen before the play clock runs down, 15 yard penalty. That way, the league isn't actually legislating the fun out of it.
why not make tackles illegal and just play with flags? :mad: fucking pussies
Jeez,...I kinda like that rule change!! I'm trying to watch the game dammit...I don't wanna see TO acting like a waiter and getting pissed when his team doesn't celebrate his 100th catch (or whatever he thinks he's done this week that deserves a celebration) :p
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