Reese: McNair as mentor overblown


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Jan 22, 2006
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Reese: McNair as mentor overblown

Titans GM says QBs learn from each other naturally

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From Floyd Reese's perspective, the concept of a veteran quarterback mentoring a rookie newcomer is an overblown one.

"Nobody has asked Steve to be a mentor," the Titans GM said of the notion that Steve McNair will be the starter this fall with a high draft pick behind him.

"A mentor is somebody that goes out and works hard and practices hard and plays hard and plays well and a young guy gets a chance to see him.

"We didn't ask Steve to take this guy home with him to sleep over at his house."

McNair, who could be released by the Titans due to a contract negotiations stalemate, has memories of being a mentoree.

When he was the young quarterback and Chris Chandler was the starter for the Houston Oilers in 1995 and 1996, Chandler didn't always treat McNair well. It led McNair to vow that when his turn came, he would be different.

He has always taken to the young quarterbacks who have played for the Titans, not only current backup Billy Volek, but Jason Gesser and Matt Mauck as well as a training camp projects like Ron Powlus.

But McNair made it clear recently that while he'd be a good teammate, his main objective is to continue as the starting quarterback, and not for just one season.

Reese said the transition from a veteran to a youngster is part of a natural progression in an NFL locker room.

"The process has always been the same. If there is an older quarterback that has some respect in the league, then a younger quarterback … is going to come in and watch that guy and try to emulate some of the things that he does," Reese said.

"Now that doesn't mean the guy has to say one word to him. It doesn't mean that he has to eat lunch with him. It doesn't mean he has to go out to dinner with him. If those things do happen, then I'm sure it helps the process. But I don't think whether or not a veteran quarterback takes a rookie quarterback out to lunch is going to have a real dramatic effect on his long-term career."

Besides, Reese said, others will be most responsible for guiding a young signal-caller.

"We have excellent coaches who make a lot of money just
to teach those quarterbacks," he said.

Kinda sounds like Reese just can't wait to give McNair the big boot!! :eek:
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