Ravens linebacker stabbed in bowling alley altercation


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Jan 22, 2006
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Ravens linebacker stabbed in bowling alley altercation

RANDALLSTOWN, Md. - Ravens linebacker Roderick Green was stabbed early Sunday during a fight at a bowling alley, Baltimore County police said.

Green was taken to Sinai Hospital. Ravens spokesman Kevin Byrne told WBFF-TV that Green's injury doesn't appear to be serious.

Police said a fight broke out when Green bumped into another bowler. Green tried to break it off and left the bowling alley, but the man came after him and stabbed him in the parking lot.

Green ran after being stabbed, and the attacker tried to chase him down but was unable to do so.

Police have no suspects in the attack. The assailant and the player didn't know each other, police said.

Green, 24, is a third-year player out of Central Missouri State. He played in 16 games last season and had two sacks.

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