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Feb 2, 2006
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Here are some of the details...


A reader recently alerted us to the fact that Raiders receiver Randy Moss has restructured his contract, again. We tracked down the details, and here's what we learned.

Unlike 2005, in which through two separate restructurings Moss received a guaranteed payment of $7.085 million in lieu of that amount in base salary and thus pushed his 2006-08 cap numbers much higher, this time around Moss got only $750,000 in guaranteed pay, increasing his cap number by another $250,000 in 2007 and 2008, respectively.

The end result? A cap number of $12.02 million for 2007, and a cap number of $13.52 million for 2008.

That's more than 10 percent of the total cap for those years tied up in a non-quarterback, and it increases the likelihood that the team will make a decision whether to try to extend his contract -- or part ways with Moss -- after the 2006 season.

Moss, in turn, will need to make a decision as to whether he wants to stay, since he could force the issue by refusing to do a new deal.

The fact that Moss agreed to a restructuring in 2006 shows that he's still willing to help the team manage its cap, which in turn suggests that he's interested in sticking around. What isn't known, however, is whether the team wanted to clear more than $500,000 in current cap room by guaranteeing even more of his base salary, which was $8.25 million before the most recent re-do.
We have been saddled with a large number in dead cap money the past few years thus effecting our free agency dollars. Next offseason we shouldn't have that high of a number so we will be in good shape salary cap wise.
A Moss extension in the off-season could cut our liquid capital (read bonus money) to low levels, definitely affecting our ability to attract young free agents.
I think that she is wrong on the figures she quotes here and that those figures were accelerated into this years salary cap including a $2.5 million charge to our salary cap for Collins and incentives that weren't met. I may be wrong though....

Nancy Gay

Raiders bank on '07: The Raiders are bracing themselves for a bevy of 2007 salary cap commitments that demand some serious bookkeeping now.

Three departed players account for about $11 million in "dead" money that will burden the '07 cap (which could exceed $110 million, the way the thing is escalating each year because of the new CBA). Quarterback Rich Gannon counts $4.357 million against the '07 cap, Kerry Collins $3.7 million and Ted Washington $2.988 million next season.

The guarantees that kick in on the Michael Huff contract will count about $10 million toward the '07 cap. And the Raiders this week finalized a restructured deal for wide receiver Randy Moss that lowers his '06 base salary to the NFL minimum, $750,000, and provides guarantees that will push his '07 cap figure to $12.02 million.

Moss loves the Raiders and has been willing to restructure several times to help the team but this huge escalation may make it difficult to keep him long-term.
I have a feeling we will be keeping randy long term

how many more yrs does he have with the raiders
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