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Feb 2, 2006
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His health...

During an appearance on "The Afternoon Blitz" on SIRIUS NFL Radio, Oakland Raiders WR Randy Moss claimed he is close to 100 percent health after struggling with a groin injury during the 2005 season. Moss said, "I'm pretty back to 100 percent. Last year was so frustrating because I think, with my injury, I could've probably taken a couple of weeks off but I personally had some high hopes for the Raider team to try to have a push for the playoffs to prove the critics wrong. So if people were wondering why I kept playing nicked up, that's the reason why. I wanted to help my team do whatever they can to make a playoff push. I fought through it. I've rehabbed this off-season, trying to get that part of my body, my groin area, a little bit stronger. So I'd say I'm back to almost 100 percent. I'm ready to go."

Andrew Walter...

During an appearance on "The Afternoon Blitz" on SIRIUS NFL Radio, Oakland Raiders WR Randy Moss discussed the progress of second-year QB Andrew Walter. Moss said, "My last OTA was a couple weeks ago and he was throwing the ball very well. I like his arm because he has a lot of zip on the ball and that's what I need, personally, in a quarterback, somebody with a fast release that can get the ball to me. Receivers are not really open that long so you need somebody with a strong arm that can get the ball there. I like Andrew Walter. With them taking him last year, everybody was wondering why they took him. We needed somebody who could play on the field and this and that. But with what I've seen, with him being tall, being able to see and read the defense, I like him. I like his upside."

Aaron Brooks...

During an appearance on "The Afternoon Blitz" on SIRIUS NFL Radio, Oakland Raiders WR Randy Moss discussed playing with new Raiders QB Aaron Brooks. Moss said, "I'm really excited about having Aaron Brooks, a little more mobile than Kerry Collins. Taking nothing away from [free agent QB] Kerry Collins, I enjoyed playing with him and I enjoyed learning from and with him but knowing that the team had to move in another direction, bringing a guy like Aaron brooks in, what he's done in his career thus far and having receivers like Donte Stallworth and Joe Horn down there [in New Orleans], then being able to come and work with me, [WRs] Doug Gabriel, Alvis Whitted, Ronald Curry and Jerry Porter, hopefully that's something he can smile about also."
saying all the right things. the real answers of what he thinks will come on the field. if an old as dirt randall cunningham can blow up off of him, why can't aaron brooks. Randall cunningham was considered washed up before Moss came in. He hadnt even seen a 20 td year for 6 str8 years and not even a 60 percent or higher year for 3 str8 seasons. yet he gets 43 tds at 60 percent passing when Moss came in. And you've seen Dullpepper in his post-moss era. he has yet to prove himself after losing moss.
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