Raiders Win Coin Flip --- Draft 6th


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Aug 30, 2005
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NEW YORK -- The Oakland Raiders won a coin flip over their cross-bay rivals in San Francisco for the sixth pick in April's draft, leaving the 49ers, in contention most of the season for No. 1, with the seventh choice.

The complete order for the April 29-30 draft was announced Monday, with Houston at No. 1, presumably with the rights to Reggie Bush, the Southern California running back who is expected to declare his eligibility after Wednesday's Rose Bowl. The Texans (2-14) officially fired coach Dom Capers on Monday as New Orleans (3-13), which will have the second pick, did with Jim Haslett.

After the Saints come a group of 4-12 teams: Tennessee, the New York Jets and Green Bay, followed by Oakland and San Francisco.

After seven, the rest of the order among non-playoff teams is Buffalo, Detroit, Arizona, St. Louis, Cleveland, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Minnesota, Dallas, San Diego, and Kansas City.

The order among the playoff teams is subject to change, depending on how teams do in the postseason, although no team can fall below other teams with the same regular-season record unless it advances to the Super Bowl. The winner of that game would have the 32nd and last pick, the loser would pick 31st.

Thus New England and Washington (both 10-6) are Nos. 21 and 22. If the Patriots advance and the Redskins don't, Washington would move up one spot, but New England could not fall below 22nd.

The order among the 11-5 teams starts with Carolina at No. 23, followed by Tampa Bay, Chicago, Cincinnati, the New York Giants and Pittsburgh.

Jacksonville, the only 12-4 team, is 29th, followed by Seattle and Denver (13-3) and Indianapolis (14-2).

The draft order is determined by weakness of schedule in the case of ties in the standings, and head-to-head games have no bearing.
We won something? They couldn't have flipped that coin on the field or we would have lost. :(
Did the NFL report that they flipped too soon?
That's what I heard earlier through the grapevine...I haven't established a real source...

They're supposed to flip around the time of the sb...

So, might as well have been "on the field" ;) hehe
Another call that went the Raiders' way reversed. :rolleyes: I'm speechless.
I'd almost feel bad for y'all...if you weren't the Raiders. ;)
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