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Jan 14, 2006
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Well, after a long discussion with a few non Raider fan friends, we came up with a pretty consise list of QB options, and I gave ratings assigned by possibility rating 1-10, 10 being most likely and what we'd have to give up. Here's the list:

Byron Leftwich/David Garrard
I know, Byron Leftwich is a stretch, but hear me out...if anyone watched the Pats/Jags game, you could tell that the Jags players were bucking for Garrard, but why? Their stats are about the same, QB ratings in the high 80's, Comp % about 58. I know Leftwich was rusty since that was his first action in 6 weeks, but Jacksonville is a 1 QB town, one has to go.

Possibility: 3/6 Bait:conditional first for Leftwich, perhaps a third for Garrard

Patrick Ramsey
Well, he's an Al Davis style guy that we have been rumored to go after, first round QB, live arm. I think the kid obviously can use a change of scenery, after having his confidence rattled by bring in a vet then another first rounder. Depending on who's coaching this team, he could be a solid fit and pretty easy to acquire.

Possibility:8 Bait:conditional draft pick, maybe even a cut and sign

Brett Favre
Why he gets mentioned, I don't know...still mechanically sound, probably needs a new team to play for, Randy Moss loves him.
Possibility:0 Bait:hypnosis so he thinks he's in Green Bay

David Carr
A real darkhorse, all depends on if the fans win out in Houston and they get the homegrown Vince Young. I really don't know what the Texans need other than O-Line help, so it shocks me that they aren't making more noise to trade back in the draft. He's from the area, and played college ball here, the guy I most covet, but the least likely to end up here next to Favre.
Possibility:1 Bait:Robert Gallery and another first day pick, minimum

This was our short list...anyone else?
How about Steve McNair?

Word is he will be a cap casualty in Tennessee. He'd be a perfect fit for the next 1-2 years while they groom Andrew Walter.

The problem I have with both Favre and McNair is that I doubt either would want to come to Oakland. All they have to do is look at our 13-35 record over the past three years and they'd probably say "no thanks". I would think if either is willing to play for another team that they'd want to go to a team that would contend immediately for the Super Bowl or at a bare minimum a playoff team. Whether they would consider Oakland either of those is highly doubtful.

Here is some more food for thought although the pickings are slim:

2006 NFL Free Agents QB’s


1)Drew Brees SD
2)David Carr Hou
3)Josh McCown Ari
4)Jon Kitna Cin
5)Kurt Warner Ari
6)Jeff Garcia Det
7)Chris Weinke Car
8)Vinny Testaverde NYJ
9)Doug Flutie NE
10)Tim Hasselbeck NYG
11)Craig Nall GB
12)Anthony Wright Bal
13)Sage Rosenfels Mia
14)Rohan Davey FA
15)Charlie Batch Pit
16)Todd Collins KC
17)Jamie Martin Stl
18)Ty Detmer Atl
19)Shane Matthews Buf
20)Damon Huard KC
21)Jeff Blake Chi


1)Chris Simms TB
2)Seneca Wallace Sea
3)Quinn Gray Jax
4)David Ragone Hou
5)Shaun Hill Min
I don't see McNair getting cut. As it stands, Vince Young is likely to be taken by Tennesee and they will want Steve around to aid in his development. The two are supposedly very close already.
I might be interested in Josh McCown. He's young, fairly athletic and has been a spot starter for two years in Arizona. No one else on that list peaks my interest at all.

As for Leftwich or David Garrard, I'd take Garrard. I don't really understand the Leftwich hype. He's not very mobile and he is injured half of the time. Has a pretty big arm and questionable accuracy IMHO. Garrard might be a Gannon type QB, but with better arm strength.

A guy that you don't have on this list is Matt Schuab in Atlanta. I frankly think he's a better "Quarterback" than Michael Vick, but being that he will never sell as many jerseys, the Falcons will stick with Vick.

The problem of course is lack of experience AND ATL will be looking to fleece any potential suitors. I'd trade Jerry Porter's overatted ass for him right NOW !!!!

ATL gets a WR that can "hang" with Vick and we get a potential young gun at QB. Sounds good to me, but I doubt ATL would do it....
RaiderIVlife said:
A guy that you don't have on this list is Matt Schuab in Atlanta.

I was just going to add him, because of the trouble down in NOLA with Brooks and his brother in the draft, Vick may have one of those two clowns as his backup, wanting them to move Schaub, he's an excellent WCO passer.
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