Prosthetic Legs Stolen From Teen... Again


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Jan 14, 2006
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(CBS) TEMPLE CITY, Calif. Someone stole two prosthetic legs -- one configured especially for softball -- from an Arcadia High School student. It was the second such theft in three months.

Melissa Huff is now missing a prosthetic leg valued at $16,000 that she wears to play softball and a cosmetic leg used for everyday use that is valued at $12,000. Melissa Huff lost her real leg when she was hit by an out-of-control car as she stood in front of Dana Middle School in 2004.

There are currently no leads in the case, but according to sheriff's Sgt. Russell Sprague, the burglar, or burglars, pried open a screen window to get into the Huff home on Olive Street.

"It's insane. Who hates her that bad?" Lisa Huff, who discovered the theft, told the Pasadena Star-News. "I went back to the girls' room and the room was trashed. Mostly Melissa's stuff."

Melissa had recently undergone a surgery to repair a bone near the end of her amputated leg and could not walk with her prostheses at the time of the robbery.

Someone stole a prosthetic leg from the Huff household on Nov. 1. Even though it was later returned -- thrown into the back yard -- her prosthetist and two real estate finance companies donated about $16,000 to pay for a new leg.

That's just crazy...someone must really not like her.
Maybe she has a bad attitude!! ;)
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